From Doubts And Struggles To International Recognition: Building One The Biggest Crypto Publications In The World

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Victoria Vaughan (Arsenova) is a former CEO of Cointelegraph, who was in charge of growing the brand from a very small brand to a worldwide company.

How It All Started

Victoria had never heard about cryptocurrency before 2012. Not a lot of people did. She was working at a tech startup at the time, and part of her job included attending international conferences.

During one of the events, she was approached by a tech geek who tried to explain to her what this whole “crypto thing” is and why it’s going to “be the new money.”

Victoria admits that she didn’t really understand the concept at the time but was intrigued.

And in 2013, when Bitcoin was only $125, she accepted an offer to work at a startup that looked like a blog and had ambitious plans to become a crypto publication.

                                                  Image: Cointelegraph

“It was just a couple of people, and we would publish two articles a week,” Victoria says.

“There was no clear understanding of how we’re going to build a media company, but we were eager to build an international brand.”

And she started with hiring people.

Growing The Team

“The entire process of finding the right people was painful. You had to choose either someone who knows about crypto but might not have the right skill set for the job, or someone who has experience in their respective skills and taught them about the cryptocurrency world.”

From that point, the publication started growing slowly but surely.

But it’s not all about the growth from the editorial side, it is also about the strategy, the management, and the reputation.

“We already had a couple of players in the game who were doing well, and we needed to figure out how we can be different, and of course, how to make money.”

                                                Image: Cointelegraph

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