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Latest News in Domains in 2021

How Should A Nation State Hold Bitcoin?

HODLing the keys of a nation state might not be simple, but it’s the first step to monetary freedom for countries. Quite a lot of …

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Bastyon Inventor Daniel Satchkov Explains the Importance of Using an Open Source Social Media Platform is a social platform built on the Bitcoin foundation. It is decentralized with no central serve. Bastyon’s codebase is open source, and everything is …

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Kids won’t stop launching DDoS attacks against their schools

The cybercrime unit of the UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is stepping up a program designed to educate children about the ramifications of DDoS attacks. …

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5 Reasons why you should buy NEAR

 The volatility of the crypto space has made gaining wealth in the 21st century easy. All you need to simply do is invest at a …

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Andrew Rogozov Joins TON Foundation to lead Telegram’s Successor Project on Blockchain

Former CEO Andrew Rogozov Joins TON Foundation as a founding member He will contribute with his leadership expertise to execute on TON’s potential of …

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South Korea explores Metaverse plans, aims to become the 5th biggest metaverse market by 2026

South Korea is eyeing the growing Metaverse expansion and is all set to work towards developing itself as a major game player in the field. …

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