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Latest News in Domains in 2021

14 end user domain name sales up to $50,000

Opera, maker of the namesake web browser, is among this week’s end user domain buyers. Sedo had some nice end user domain name sales this …

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Why I hate zero click so much

Zero click advertising is full of scammers. A domain I visited today forwarded to this fake security warning, complete with a fake pop-up McAfee scan. …

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People are registering NFT domains in droves

Data show that people are registering lots of domains related to non-fungible tokens. Donuts has seen a spike in domain registrations including the initialism NFT. …

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Linklaters LLP wins cybersquatting dispute against domain used in fraud

Fraudster used domain to request payments from law firm’s clients. The law firm Linklaters LLP has won a cybersquatting dispute against the domain name linklatar …

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GoDaddy Managed WordPress sites are down

Sites hosted on GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress service were down Thursday evening. [Update: the problem has been resolved.] GoDaddy experienced issues with its hosting platform Thursday …

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Wix revenue soars but stock plummets

Stock trades lower after first quarter report. Wix’s revenue was up 41% year over year in Q1 2021. Website creator Wix (NASDAQ: WIX) reported strong …

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