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Latest News in Domains in 2021

Craig Wright files legal action against Coinbase and Kraken for ‘misrepresenting’ Bitcoin

[ad_1] Computer scientist Craig Wright continues litigation against those who challenge his claims of being the creator of Bitcoin and holder of associated intellectual property. …

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Operation Dream Job Is A Nightmare

[ad_1] Beware of malicious recruiting websites – Jonathan Zhang, CEO at Whois XML API Walnut, Calif. – May 4, 2022 With the current global unemployment …

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These free antivirus apps may cause more damage than actual viruses

[ad_1] Downloading a free antivirus or cleaning app for your Android smartphone may put your privacy and security at greater risk than if you had …

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Bitcoin Is The Safest Place For Your Money

[ad_1] Financial illiteracy is a cardinal issue within societies. By using the Socratic method, we can ask questions that get to the root of the …

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Dfinity Sues Meta for Trademark Registration of a Logo Similar to Theirs

[ad_1] On April 29, Dfinity — a not-for-profit organization that develops the Internet Computer protocol— filed a lawsuit in California against Meta Platforms, claiming that …

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Shopify Bitcoin Payments: Ethics Lash

[ad_1] Here is some exciting news for all you crypto enthusiasts. What if someone told you that you can now shop on your favourite online …

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