SEC Regulations And The Cryptocurrency Market: Voyager Digital, Grayscale Bitcoin Executives Weigh In

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As publicly traded companies, Voyager Digital Ltd (OTC: VYGVF) and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (OTC: GBTC) already adhere to financial standards and self-regulation. This could lead to the companies being ahead of SEC regulations, which is a welcomed event by the companies' executives.

Self-Regulation: Not that many cryptocurrency exchanges and companies offering investments in cryptocurrency are publicly traded. The ones that are have abided by rules put in place and maintain self-regulation.

“I think our firms are doing what we can to make these products transparent to investors,” Grayscale’s VP of Legal Craig Salm said at the 2021 Benzinga Crypto Festival.

Protections for retail traders are in place with a company such as Grayscale as it self-regulates and seeks to protect its customers.

Salm added that there is a common misconception that cryptocurrency companies are anti-regulation, which isn’t true. He said regulators have a tough job as a new growing industry such as cryptocurrency brings a new set of risks for investors.

Voyager offers investments in cryptocurrencies and seeks …

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