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Ariva Plans Summit With Global Tourism Forum Leaders


Ariva Plans Summit With Global Tourism Forum Leaders

Ariva, the world’s number one digital currency in the tourism industry announces the first blockchain and tourism forum with partners. This important event “Global Tourism Forum Leaders Summit – Blockchain For Travel” will be held on March 26th at Rixos Premium JBR in Dubai, UAE. It will be a forum for cryptocurrency professionals and world-renowned opinion leaders in the tourism industry to attend as visitors and speakers.

The grand event is a sequel to the recent partnership by Airva with the World Tourism Forum Institute, and the Global Tourism Forum. It will also establish the purpose of the partnership which is aimed to integrate blockchain with tourism. 

Last week Ariva announced a partnership with the WTFI and GTF which will strengthen its effort to bring transformation to the travel and tourism industry through blockchain technology. The upcoming summit will be an offshoot of this partnership.

The Tourism Leaders Forum is an important event to the global community. Tourism is vital for the success of many economies around the world, generating, directly and indirectly, a large percentage of the GDP and contributing to a huge number of jobs in the global economy. Blockchain is a technological vehicle that can drive any business to transformation. Integrating blockchain with tourism will restore international travel, enhance social progress and drive the global economy.

This event is set to bring revolution by combining blockchain and tourism, and it’s important for the world to know about it. Ariva will demonstrate its payment integration by opening tickets for sale with cryptocurrency using the Ariva finance payment gateway on Ariva, WFTI, and GTF websites for guests who are interested in attending the forum apart from invitees.

Ariva aims to achieve active use in the global-local travel and tourism industry. It provides a travel and tourism network where members can connect with global and local travel service providers by sharing previous travel experiences, comments and achieving booking with cryptocurrency. The governance token, ARV, is a BEP20 token generated using the Binance Smart Chain Network. 

World Tourism Forum Institute, WTFI, is a leading global organization dedicated to promoting countries, projects, programs, and brands in the field of travel and tourism. Its events are titled Global Tourist Forum.

Global Tourist Forum, GTF, is a platform for addressing the problem of the travel and tourism community. It combines government agencies’ efforts, industry stakeholders, and academia, to achieve sustainable development strategies and growth for travel markets. Through several initiatives, WTFI promotes hosting countries internationally attracting direct foreign investments, identifying business opportunities, and lending support to foreign investors willing to allocate resources. 

GTF is the most powerful event organized in the tourism industry four times a year in global centers around the world. It brings world leaders together, former presidents and secretary of state are the key figures that have graced this event.

Key figures that will grace the upcoming summit among others are Tony Blair, former prime minister of the United Kingdom, Francos Hollande, former president of the French Republic, Jose Manuel Barroso, former President European Commission, Joao Lourenco President of the Republic of Angola, Fredrik Reinfeldt, former prime minister of Sweden, Jack Straw, Former foreign minister of the UK, Todd Benjamin, Financial Editor, CNN international, Ken Livingstone, former Mayor of London, and Binali Yildrim, prime minister of the Republic of Turkey.

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