End user domain name sales up to $60k

End user domain name sales up to $60k

A QR code company, an event producer, and a virtual reality company recently bought domain names at Sedo.

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Sedo had some nice end user sales this past week, including HolyGround.com for $60,000 and Flow.me for €48,000. Another interesting sale is EditPad.org for €30,000. There is an online plain text editor at the domain, but I confirmed with Sedo that this was a domain-only sale. There are several applications with the name EditPad.

Here are the end user sales I found (you can view previous lists like this here).

HolyGround.com $60,000 – Holy Ground is a conference series for churches.

Flow.me €48,000 – The DTX Company runs FlowCode, a system to create QR codes. It uses the domain name FlowCode.com. It goes to show that QR codes aren’t a replacement for good domains!

Selera.com $4,995 – ChappellRoberts, a branding and advertising agency in Tampa, FL bought this domain. It might be for a client.

Emissive.com €4,900 – It appears that the buyer is French virtual reality technology company Emissive. It uses Emissive.fr for its website.

AnthemSoftware.com $4,460 – The Whois record shows BamBamtastic Games, a game developer in Florida. The owner of that company also owns a digital marketing company so the domain might be for that.

InsuranceAds.com $4,500 – This website is for a German company that provides an affiliate network for insurance advertising.

MBroker.com $3,850 – Business insurance firm Embroker, Inc. bought this domain, likely as a defensive typo registration. It uses embroker.com for its website.

HR-Tech.de €3,500 – This domain has a coming soon page for HR Tech Consulting GmbH.

B2BInsight.com $3,300 – B2B International is a global full-service market research firm focused on researching business-to-business markets. It’s a part of Merkle and uses the domain B2BInternational.com.

Surfi.com $2,750 – PLM Consulting and Trade, a Croatian business consultancy firm, bought this domain.

THNX.nl €2,750 – Forwards to THNX.nu, the site for Dutch personalized gifting service Thnx.

DutchBitcoin.com $2,500 – This domain is being used for Gulden, which the site bills as the “Dutch Bitcoin.”

Tempire.com $2,500 – It appears that the buyer is setting up a site for people to follow his hikes.

BoardEssentials.com $2,299 – This domain was bought by BoardBookIt, a secure board meeting software application.

OnlineSucht.de €2,250 – Forwards to ProjectWalk.org/onlinesucht/, a blog in German about having an addiction to being online.

QuadroPay.com €2,000 – Quaife, a cross-currency payment processing platform, bought this domain.

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