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Safle: Next-Gen Identity Wallet & Composite Blockchain Infra Provider


With crypto-assets becoming more and more popular, the need to store this particular form of asset is growing. One of the names in the current market is Safle, a cryptocurrency wallet that not only has special support from blockchain but also builds in its system very special features.

What is Safle?

Safle is a blockchain identity wallet with a variety of functions for securely storing your assets via secure private key management.

You can use it on mobile devices and desktop browsers, and you have complete control over your private key. You can use Safle to send, receive, and store crypto assets, as well as use the dApp browser to access hundreds of dApps (decentralized applications) and participate in staking.

The team’s mission is to build a truly democratized ecosystem, give participants benefits and value through integrating a Web3 browser that allows users to access Dapps that meet the strictest quality and security standards.

Safle is part of the Safle Network and also Mainchain Research & Consulting. It is Safle’s native wallet, which allows users to trade cryptocurrencies directly on the platform while maintaining complete control over their assets.

Safle helps users to optimize personal wallet management, you only need to store a single backup copy of asset content. This wallet also keeps your data private and secure at all times and never accesses any of your personal information.

Safle Advantages

Safle wallet has a very modern and user-friendly UI. The wallet’s tabs are also designed to be easy to use and quite logical.

Safle allows you to trade from anywhere, at any time. While trading from anywhere, you have total custody and control of your funds.

Tokens saved in the wallet can also be used for a variety of additional activities, such as staking, trading, and playing Dapp games integrated into the wallet.

You won’t have to worry about the complexity and novelty of blockchain technology at all because it is a hosting network exclusively for dApps, following the highest security standards.

The digital wallet is always committed to the safety of users while in use. In addition, the Safle wallet system does not collect personal information with this service, in order to ensure the identity of the user.

Safle Key Features

Safle Token ($SAFLE)

Safle toke ($SAFLE) is the native token of the Safle, taking both the utility role and the governance role of the ecosystem. Early supporters and adopters can receive $SAFLE as a reward for their contribution to the growth of the system.

Additionally, participants likewise get $SAFLE by locking a certain amount of tokens. In other words, will stake tokens on smart contracts to validate transactions. Rewards will be given to participants as an incentive for their contributions.

A portion of the initial supply is used to expand the ecosystem and develop the underlying technology.

Further details on the tokenomics are as follows:

  • Seed: 3%
  • Private sale: 7%
  • Public sale: 5%
  • Strategy: 3%
  • Community: 14%
  • Staking rewards: 20%
  • Incubatees: 5%
  • DAO community partnership: 5%
  • Reserves: 5%
  • Founding team: 12.5%
  • Marketing investment and ecosystem growth: 22.5%
  • Initial liquidity provision: 2.5%


SafleID enables users to get onboard and manage SafleID wallet resolution through Lifecycle Management’s integration. SafleID wallet is compatible with smart contracts running on blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, or Binance Smart Chain.

Unlike other wallets, SafleID provides multi-features such as multi-sig, time-locks, daily limits, trusted contacts, and seedless recovery, eliminating security risks. In the case that key storage servers are hacked, SafleID ensures that only users can access their private accounts.


SafleVaut’s major advantages include availability, flexibility, and security. These are underlying key components SafleVault’s unique structure lies in its six protected layers of encryption.

All private keys are stored in the vault. Each will be present under a single seed phrase to encrypt the vault and keep it safe from attack.

Users can install the vault on the cloud system, or their devices, or anywhere they want with ease of mind. To decrypt the vault, simply fill in the password or biometrics.

SafleVault makes it possible for users to store digital assets in their wallet address instead of having to store them on an exchange wallet. As a result, investors avoid the risk of unnecessary loss of assets when exchanges are hacked or hacked.


SafleKeyless enables users to sign transactions within any decentralized application that has been integrated with SafleKeyless. Safle users can connect their Safle wallet with the dApp using SDK.

With SafleKeyless, it’s now easy to sign transactions and assert identity without having to jump through hoops or install any additional software on your devices.


SafleNode is designed to better suit developers of all levels. SafleNode consists of various tools that assist developers throughout the process of building applications.

With only a few lines of code, developers may integrate SafleKeyless as a wallet provider into their decentralized applications (dApps).

Open APIs for real-time blockchain and cryptocurrency data are also made available to developers through wallets, and these APIs can be used for price indicators, block information, chain analytics, and other cases.

All of these services are accessible through a state-of-the-art dashboard that can be accessed using the Safle developer’s app. $SAFLE will be used as a method of payment for all paid services.


The swap feature of the wallet allows users to quickly convert their digital assets into other forms of assets for their convenience. Safle integrates a decentralized exchange with many coin and token pairs.

Transactions will be made directly between users without going through any intermediary.

Traders only need to choose the trading pair, the number of tokens or coins they want to buy and sell, then press the button to complete the trading order.

Stake & Farm

With Safle wallet, users can interact with a variety of staking services. They can directly stake their digital assets and generate yields.

The rewards are distributed into their wallets. Since the launch of DeFi protocols, staking will become more diverse. And as more tokens’ launch is underway, users will have a bunch of options to stake and get a higher annual percentage yield.

$SAFLE staking allows users to stake their cryptocurrencies in one single click from their non-custodial wallet, resulting in large yields while minimizing risk. Users who stake using Safle will also receive $SAFLE as an incentive.


SafleSmartPay is a special feature designed for merchants, enabling them to join the Safle ecosystem. With merchant wallets, merchants can make payments for goods and services using cryptocurrency.

This feature also allows auto swapping, offering merchants complete control over their inflow currency, whether fiat or any specific cryptocurrency.

In addition, they’re able to create multiple child wallets from their master wallets and manage their inflow.


As the name implies, SafleDAO is a decentralized mechanism that is governed by a community of $SAFLE holders. SafleDao is aimed at leading to outcomes that are in the best interest of the network.

SafleDAO provides an operating system for open collaboration, in which $SAFLE holders can make proposals and steer the Safle ecosystem. The operating system allows individuals and organizations to collaborate without having to know or trust each other in advance.

Created by the Safle founding team, the structure is then self-governed as no single entity has the authority to make and enforce decisions. Simply put, it’s automatic and operates by itself according to the machine code and pre-existing rules without anyone controlling it.

Final Thoughts on Safle

Asset storage is extremely important for cryptocurrency holders.

Although hackers are now eyeing exchange wallets, users should be cautious of keeping their wallets secure. With Safle wallet, users will have more peace of mind when storing cryptocurrency.

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