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Ariva Partners With Global Tourism Forum WTFI and GTF


Ariva Partners With Global Tourism Forum WTFI and GTF

Ariva announces its partnership with top global tourism forums, the World Tourism Forum Institute, and the Global Tourism Forum. This team-up will position Ariva as a leading blockchain service provider in the travel and tourism industry.

By this development, Ariva is taking a step ahead of others to bring transformation and better experience in the tourism industry. 

Benefits of the Partnership

The partnership offers Ariva the opportunity to become a blockchain-based tourism service provider. The World Tourism Forum Institute will be a link between Ariva and the rest of the global tourist community. The organization intends to pump in $50 million in two years to support the Ariva ecosystem.

Ariva’s collaboration with the two tourism forums will enable its token, ARV to become a globally accepted cryptocurrency. It will encourage its aim of blockchain adoption in the tourism industry.

Ariva’s partnership with the World Tourism Forum Institute and the Global Tourism Forum will give birth to so many programs and initiatives that can bring innovation to the tourism community. Ariva and WTFI plan to host the first forum that will bring together crypto professionals. WTFI experts scheduled an invent The Global Tourism Forum Leaders Summit – Blockchain for Travel that will happen in Dubai in March 2022. Details of the coming event will be shared with the public in the coming weeks.

Ariva’s Major Achievements

Besides the partnership with top global tourism forums, Ariva has been at the forefront of driving blockchain adoption and crypto integration in the tourism industry. Since its launch in 2021, Ariva has been focused on creating a global B2B-B2C tourism portal that will make the transaction and exchange of coins and tokens to ARV easy and secure.

Ariva has three different ecosystem integration designed to cater to the need of the travel and tourism community. Ariva’s key projects are divided into three areas, Ariva. World, Ariva.Finance and Ariva.World.

It recently added a new project, Ariva. Wonderland in the metaverse aims to bring tourists into a world of limitless travel experiences. Metaverse land sale auction will begin in February.

More About Ariva

Ariva is a project designed to achieve active use in the global and local travel and tourism industry.  It provides a worldwide travel and tourism network where members can meet with the global and local service providers through previous travel experiences, comments and achieve bookings with cryptocurrency. Ariva token, ARV is a BEP20 generated using the Binance smart chain network. For more information, visit the website.

About World Tourism Forum Institute (WTFI)

World Tourism Forum Institute is a leading international tourism, development, investment brand. As a leading global organization, it is dedicated to promoting countries, projects, programs, and brands in the field of travel and tourism. WFTI sponsors and organizes several initiatives aimed at promoting the hosting country internationally. You can learn more about WFTI by visiting the website.

Global Tourist Forum (GTF)

The Global Tourist Forum is an initiative of international institutions, a platform for addressing the challenges of the travel and tourism community. The forum is organized four times a year in global centers around the world by the UN World Tourism Organisation, UWTO to bring together world tourism leaders and the tourism industry.

Ariva is positioned through this partnership to cover more milestones with its aim of bringing revolution to the travel and tourism industry.


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