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Twitter announces a crypto team to work on dApps and NFTs


Social media giant Twitter has announced the formulation of a crypto unit to manage its blockchain and crypto-related divisions.

Twitter further states “that it wants to figure out what crypto can do for Twitter” and is ready to pool substantial funds to enhance and explore the decentralized technology.

The newly formed crypto team will be led by engineer Tess Rinearson. Before joining Twitter, Rinearson was employed with several significant firms, such as, Cosmos, and was also involved in the development of Tendermint Core, an influential blockchain platform.

What’s next for Crypto Twitter?

As per Rinearson, the new team will assist her in the sector of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and other decentralized technologies to create solutions that are not directly related to the domain of finance and “includes going beyond cryptocurrencies”

Rinearson further explains that the company will also explore ways on how to support creators with interest in decentralized apps for managing virtual goods and services. Tess also confirms that the new changes are open to feedback from users, as she said it’s critical to know the procedural shortcomings so the company can work on those to better its performance.

Moreover, the new head of crypto also plans to support decentralized applications or dapps combined with other identity-oriented solutions, asset ownership, and special emphasis on building a strong unified community.

The team will operate under the name of “Crypto Twitter” and will be in charge of managing all critical processes surrounding Web 3.0. Rinearson has also invited potential applications for the role of engineers and product managers via Twitter to help accelerate the hiring process.

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