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Taking an expired domain cleanse

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Consider taking a break from the daily grind of buying expired domains.

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Cleanses and fasting are all the rage in the health world. You might consider doing a cleanse in expired domain purchasing, too.

Over the past month or so I’ve taken a break from buying expired domains. Here are some benefits to taking an expired domain cleanse:

– I save hours each week searching for expired domains.

– I don’t have to be glued to my phone throughout the day to bid on domains. It’s amazing how much time this takes. Worse, it’s a huge distraction from other tasks. As a bonus, I don’t cuss out the SnapNames for not alerting me to being outbid in the app and sending late outbid notices.

– It helps me clear out my backorders on SnapNames/NameJet. These sit around forever and can trigger backorders if a domain expires a second time. By taking a break, I can delete all existing backorders without worrying about accidentally deleting recent backorders I added that haven’t gone through the auction yet.

– When I get back to buying expired domains, I’ll be able to take a fresh look at the metrics I use and consider if there’s a better approach.

– It boosts cash flow because I continue to sell while I’m not buying. (In the long run, if you don’t replenish your inventory, you can expect your sell-through rate to decrease.)

I’ve still acquired domains over this period, including some on Sedo where I don’t need to worry about the domain closing at a certain time.

It’s been a nice cleanse, but I’ll return to buying soon.

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