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How Can Value Investors Profit in the Crypto Ecosystem?

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Tokens that achieve substantial price gains may have little utility in the real world. Instead, they tend to attract capital based on price trends and technical analysis. When these technical indicators fall short, crypto trading can seem to be nothing more than mere speculation.

Value investing provides cryptocurrency traders with an arguably more effective method for investing. Instead of performing technical analysis, value investors seek out assets that they believe the market has undervalued. Thus, value investors tend to be long-term investors, as they believe market prices will eventually reflect a token’s long-term fundamentals. 

A select number of tokens gain an inordinate amount of attention from value investors. Among these are the five tokens listed below, each token listed provides investors with a strong rationale for holding long-term.  

Monero (XMR). Monero primarily focuses on privacy and decentralization. In light of current privacy concerns, when it comes to Monero there are no similar competitors among major cryptocurrency coins. 

In the United States, a proposed infrastructure bill is being debated with provisions that will ultimately do away with the pseudo-anonymity associated with cryptocurrencies. 

Even if this legislation does not come to pass, however, bitcoin is planning an upgrade named Taproot that will make all public keys visible on the blockchain. Investors alarmed at this development will find Monero to be …

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