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Fortune China 100 and domain opportunities

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Kassey Lee investigates which domains the top companies in China are using.

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I believe domain investment based on real demand from end users is a solid investment. For this reason, I spend almost every day researching companies in China.

Fortune publishes a Fortune China 500 list annually in Chinese (an English version is apparently not available). Because of limited resources, I have chosen to focus on the top 100 only. These companies are worth studying because they are leaders of corporate China and, therefore, their domain preference will also influence others in the business world. Knowing what domains are sought after will help us sell domains to China.

Based on the 2019 list, I used Baidu to find the corporate websites of the top 100 companies, and then visited each site to determine their brand name and corporate domain. Below is the list of Fortune China 100 and their domains.

Rank English Chinese DomainName
1 Sinopec 中国石化
2 PetroChina 中国石油
3 China State Construction 中国建筑
4 Ping An 中国平安
5 SAIC Motor 上汽集团
6 ICBC 工商银行
7 China Railway 中国中铁
8 China Mobile 中国移动
9 China Railway Construction 中国铁建
10 China Construction Bank 中国建行
11 China Life 中国人寿
12 Agricultural Bank of China 中国农行
13 Bank of China 中国银行
14 People’s Insurance Company of China 中国人保
15 China Communications Construction 中国交建
16 Evergrande 恒大集团
17, Inc 京东
18 CITIC 中信_x000D_
19 Country Garden 碧桂园
20 China Telecom 中国电信
21 Legend Holdings 联想
22 China Pacific Insurance Company 太平洋保险
23 Greenland Group 绿地
24 Alibaba 阿里巴巴
25 Sinopharm 国药
26 HNA Group 海航
27 Tencent 腾讯
28 BaoSteel 宝山钢铁
29 Wuchan Zhongda Group 物产中大
30 Vanke 万科
31 Power China 中国电建
32 China Unicom 中国联通
33 MCC Group 中冶
34 C&D 建发
35 China Shenhua Energy 中国神华
36 Midea 美的
37 Postal Savings Bank of China 中国邮政储蓄银行
38 China Merchants Bank 招商银行
39 Suning 苏宁
40 Xiangyu 象屿
41 CNOOC 中海油
42 China Energy Engineering Corporation 中国能建
43 CRRC 中国中车
44 China National Building Material 中国建材
45 Jiang Xi Copper Corporation 江铜
46 Bank of Communications 交通银行
47 ITG Group 国贸
48 Gree 格力
49 Poly 保利
50 Haier 海尔
51 Taiping 太平
52 Chalco 中国铝业
53 Xiao Mi 小米
54 SPD Bank 浦发
55 Shanghai Construction Group 上海建工
56 Huaneng Power International 华能
57 China Grand Auto 广汇
58 Yanzhou Coal Mining 兖州煤业
59 China Resources Pharmaceutical Group 华润
60 Weichai 潍柴
61 Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding 上海医药
62 Industrial Bank 兴业银行
63 China Minsheng Bank 民生银行
64 New China Life Insurance 新华保险
65 BAIC Motor 北京汽车
66 WH Group 万洲国际
67 China Southern Airlines 南航
68 Air China 国航
69 China Aviation Oil 中国航油
70 BYD 比亚迪
71 Anhui Conch Group 海螺
72 Sunac 融创
73 China Resources 华润
74 HBIS Group 河钢
75 Cosco Shipping 中远海运
76 China Re Group 中再
77 Longfor 龙湖
78 China Eastern Airlines 东航
80 China Everbright Bank 光大银行
81 Fosun 复星
82 Zhongsheng 中升
83 Huarong 华融
84 Cinda 信达
85 Geely 吉利
86 China Comservice 中国通信服务
87 Zijin Mining 紫金
88 Kunlun 昆仑
89 Ansteel 鞍钢
90 DFAC 东风
91 China Coal 中煤
92 Baidu 百度
93 Shanghai Electric 上海电气
94 GWM 长城汽车
95 Boe Technology 京东方
96 Mysteel Group 上海钢联
97 China International Marine Containers 中集
98 Datang 大唐国际
99 China Agri 中粮
100 Rongsheng 荣盛

Let’s start by looking at the extensions used.

Extension 2019
com 72%
cn 25%
Others 3%

.com is No. 1. China is somewhat unique in that .com is also used within the country for the domestic market. In other words, Chinese consumers accept both .com and .cn.

.cn active? 2019
Yes 37%
No 63%

The preference for .com is reflected in how the companies treat their matching .cn domain. A whopping 63% of them do not even have an active .cn site. For example, BankofChina .cn does not resolve and SAICMotor .cn is for sale.

Language 2019
English 44%
Acronym 31%
Pinyin 6%
Numeric 0%
Mixed 19%

Surprisingly, English-based names are very popular. To tap into this opportunity, list your English-based domains at a marketplace that has retail partners in China. (I’m using the term “English” loosely. For example, is considered English-based.)

Acronym 2019
2L 1%
3L 9%
4L 13%
5L 4%
6L 2%
7L 2%

While acronym domains up to 7 letters are found, maybe it’s prudent to invest up to 4L. Look at the Chinese column of the list and you’ll find most brand names with two or four characters. That means 2L and 4L in terms of acronyms.

Length 2019
Medium 7

Short is best. Chinese companies like short domains. The medium length of domains (excluding extension) is 7 characters only.

My biggest discovery in this exercise is the massive opportunity in selling domains to China as upgrades. 76 out of the 100 companies can benefit by upgrading to a better domain. Some examples are CSCEC .com (to, SAICMotor .com (to, CRCC .cn (to, and LegendHoldings (to Granted, many of these domains are taken and used by other companies.

In short, you’ll be rewarded handsomely if you understand what domains are popular in China and then invest accordingly.

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