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January’s top domain name stories: Parler, closeouts and more

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Here’s a rundown of the top stories and podcasts from the past month.

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Parler finding a new home (both for its domain and website) was the top story on DNW in January.

Domain name news sometimes follows national and global news, and that was the case in January. The top stories had to do with sites with controversial content having to find new domain name registrars.

Here’s a look back at the top stories on Domain Name Wire last month, as ranked by views:

1. domain moves to Epik – The controversial site moved its domain name to registrar Epik shortly after Epik posted a letter sympathizing with its plight.

2. GoDaddy explains AR15 .com boot – GoDaddy kicked gun site off the registrar after claiming that the site didn’t take down problematic forum content. The site owners disputed GoDaddy’s characterization. It ended up at Epik.

3. GoDaddy to change closeout auction pricing – GoDaddy’s Dutch auction format for closeout domains will start at $50 instead of $11 beginning in February.

4. Wix changes product name from virus to nicotine – Wix’s Corvid brand name didn’t play well during the pandemic. Its new choice has another problem.

5. Epik continues to bash GoDaddy. GoDaddy says this is why it dropped Epik – Epik penned a post blasting GoDaddy. This is the exact behavior that GoDaddy says caused it to dump Epik from its Afternic network.

Miss a podcast? Listen now:

#322 Digging into Squadhelp – Squadhelp’s founder Darpan Munjal and I dig into the data and how to leverage Squadhelp for domain sales.

#321 Newer domain investors find success – This is a truncated version of a talk hosted by ICA.

#320 Selling Gems – I interview Andrew Miller, seller and/or broker of many valuable domains.

#319 NielsenIQ and domain names – NielsenIQ Chief Marketing Officer Jacqueline Woods explains the company’s branding and acquisition of

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