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Here are some trends from September based on Dan’s sales.

Chart showing domain sales by TLD at in September, highlighting that 66% of sales were .com

.Com accounted for 66% of sales at Dan last month. Everything else was long tail.

Yesterday, I wrote about’s sales in the final week of September. I communicated with Leanne McMahon (who puts the data together) and suggested that we feature the monthly sales on Domain Name Wire going forward. Let me know if you like these summaries, and be sure to follow Leanne on Twitter or visit her site to get the weekly updates and see the full monthly dashboard.

Here’s the high-level data from in September:

  • 4179 public sales, up 276 from August
  • 4 six figure sales
  • Highest sale of the month a .club $198,000
  • Wednesday was the best day for sales, Sunday the worst
  • The top 10 sales are: .club .com .so .poker .casino .io .com .trade .com .careers
  • Only 3 .com’s in the top 10 this month compared to 8 in August
  • .com responsible for 66% of sales (2758), down 4% from August
  • is 2nd with 3.9% (162)
  • 172 different TLDs in total, up 23 from August
  • Average sale $1250, up $308 from August
  • Median sale steady at $250 (note that this may be artificially low due to installment sales)
  • US makes up 50.2% of the buying market
  • UK 2nd at 7.6% and Canada 3rd with 5%

August can be a slow sales month due to vacations and the end of the summer, so it’s interesting to compare this to Dan’s July numbers:

July Sales Volume: 3494
September Sales Volume: 4179
Up 685

July Sales over $2500: 247
September Sales over $2500: 319
Up 72

July Average Sale: $942
September Average Sale: $1250
Up $308

July # Different TLDs Sold: 149
September # Different  TLDs sold: 172
Up 23

July is still a summer month, but Leanne points out that the new Dan 2.0 launched halfway through July, so we could be seeing some upward trends because of the upgraded system.

August’s top 10 list had 8 .coms and there were only three this time. It will be interesting to see if that’s a trend. A lot of blockchain-related domains have been selling lately and some of these companies are opting for non-.coms.

In my post yesterday, I pointed out that there are opportunities in non-.coms. People get really defensive about that. It’s true that the majority of sales at Dan in September were .com. The next highest had only 3.9% of the sales volume. You can look at this two ways. You could point to this and say .com is dominant. Or you could say that focusing on just .com leaves 34% of the market off the table.

This is the long tail. Like any market, a lot of people focus just on the short tail. Others focus on the long tail. You see this in all types of businesses. Many people fight over the short tail and others find ways to make the long tail work.

I don’t understand why people get defensive about this. If you believe in .com (which I do), you don’t need to get defensive about it. There’s no debate about which extension is preferred all else being equal.

If you want to ignore the other 34% because it’s hard to figure out or you don’t want to mess with the long tail, that’s fine. There are other people who find a way to make it work, just like in all industries.

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