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Cloudname Launches Domain Tokenization and Trading Platform


Cloudname Launches Domain Tokenization and Trading Platform

Pioneer NFT-based domain investing service, Cloudname is launching a new platform for tokenization and trading of domain names. The new innovative platform will improve liquidity to the market and give the crypto space access to tokenized domains as a new asset class.

Although domain investing is quite profitable and has been around for years, it is not very attractive to new investors, mainly because of low liquidity. Before now, top investors in domains have made good money on their investments, but the challenge is that it takes a long time to find a suitable investor who is willing to pay what the seller expects.

Investing in domains, therefore, was discouraging because most investors cannot afford to buy domains that they will struggle to sell and convert to cash when they want to. This liquidity problem is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Cloudname Domain Trading Platform. It democratizes domain investing with NFTs by allowing anybody to invest in a fraction, or the entirety, of a domain portfolio, using NFT and trade such in real-time. 

“Domains are the real estate of the virtual world and their value grows along with the wider digital economy. Current data suggests that the digital economy is growing rapidly, thanks to the acceleration of digitalization in different industries”. Cloudname co-founder and CEO Davide Vicini said. “We are now using NFTs to democratize access market so that anyone can invest in both existing and new domain names, including blockchain domains like ENS and Handshake,” he added.

Determine the value of domain names in real time

Another challenge that has faced domain name investing is the inability to determine the right value for domain names in real-time. By providing a suite of price discovery tools, the new domain name trading platform makes it possible to readily determine the fair value of a domain name.

There are over 20 third-party APIs integrated to provide access to all the pricing factors of a domain name. These include earlier similar transactions, third-party appraisal, social mentioning, semantic analytics & prediction tools. It also has revolutionary analytics and prediction tools that can detect trends and help generate ideas for potentially high-value domains. Using the platform, investors can analyze different social media channels with the help of artificial intelligence to find market trends before they become a buzz.

Domain Investing Across Multiple Blockchains

The domain name investing platform is compatible with different blockchains, so investing across many blockchains is possible. Some blockchains the platform supports are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Polygon, and Solana. With this, Cloudname seeks to truly democratize domain name investing with its web 3.0 platform, making it available and profitable for everyone.


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