You are currently viewing Capitrade IDO Launchpad Launches its Native Token on Cardano, Filling Up 30% of Total Allotted Token In 24 Hours

Capitrade IDO Launchpad Launches its Native Token on Cardano, Filling Up 30% of Total Allotted Token In 24 Hours


Capitrade IDO Launchpad Launches its Native Token on Cardano, Filling Up 30% of Total Allotted Token In 24 Hours

The rapid expansion of the digital domain has aided numerous enterprises in entering a new era of higher productivity and comfort. IDO launchpads play a critical role in the creation and success of enterprises and projects.

By drawing investors in comparable areas, these IDO launchpads work as an investment accumulator for initiatives, particularly DeFi, GameFi, and Metaverse projects. The community, investors, and project developers can come together to start from the ground up and construct the project from the ground up.

IDO Launchpad by Capitrade

The Capitrade IDO launchpad is a platform that allows developers to list their crypto and blockchain projects in an investor pool. Investors can participate in the listed projects on the Launchpad at a discounted price before they go live, thanks to the Capitrade platform.

Capitrade Launchpad is a decentralized platform with a number of customizable features that assist businesses to attract investors while also generating a win-win situation. Liquidity locks, funding type, selling price, and token vesting can all be changed in a systematic way by investors.

Further Development of the Capitrade IDO Launchpad

The CDE token will democratize and decentralize the Capitrade ecosystem, making token holders not just members of the ecosystem and governing council, but also essential architects of the decision-making process and the ecosystem’s course. The CDE token was created with a variety of use cases in mind, all of which would return power to the community and provide token holders with distinct benefits within the ecosystem.

The three-tiered level system is the most notable feature…this effectively makes the project primus inter pares (first among equals). CAPITRADE, powered by our utility token $CDE, is ready to help developers get their ideas off the ground by bootstrapping ecosystems, weeding out low-quality projects, offering more equal token distribution, and assisting developers in getting their ideas off the ground.

Launchpads have undeniably changed the financing approach for decentralized financial ventures. Entrepreneurs used to launch their projects by constructing websites before the introduction of crypto Launchpads. This concept did not work out since these projects were unable to raise sufficient funds to begin operations.

Cryptocurrency launchpads arose as a result of this. Capitrade Launchpad is the world’s first cryptocurrency launchpad, with the goal of breaking the cycle of rewarding high-stakes investors while overlooking small investors. Capitrade is a Solana-based cross-chain fundraising platform with plans to expand to the Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, and Polkadot blockchains, as well as an NFT marketplace and high-yield staking.

Capitrade is a startup accelerator specializing in Blockchain DeFi projects. The platform, which was created in late 2021, provided unrivaled usefulness and services for new companies looking to launch their tokens and execute IDOs.

Aside from the launchpad, Capitrade provides a variety of services, including: Investor Network, Campaign Management, Loyalty and Rewards.

CDE Token Seed Sale 

CDE Token is available for purchase on the Capitrade Seed Sale portal. Capitrade launchpad has integrated three blockchain networks for its $CDE token sale event, this is to accommodate as much as blockchain networks it can and bring to Crypto Space the real Decentralized activities. 

Cardano, Terra & Fantom Network users can participate in Capitrade ongoing Seed sale events.


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