Bitcoin, Dogecoin, NFTs Big Deal At Tokyo 2020: How Crypto-Savvy Olympians Can Feel Right At Home

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The XXXII Tokyo Summer Olympics are special not only because they take place under such difficult circumstances but also because they are happening when our understanding of the definition of money and assets is changing. Here’s why.

Olympians Dig Crypto: As far back as 2018, Canadian speed skater Ted-Jan Bloemen became the first Olympic athlete to accept cryptocurrency. Bloemen announced at the time that he was the first athlete to be sponsored by the cryptocurrency industry. 

In 2018, the U.S. Luge team resorted to using Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) to fund their Olympic ambitions, as per a Time report. The former 1980 era Olympian Ty Danco pushed the idea of accepting the apex cryptocurrency.

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“Both know all about speed, crashes, risk management, and holding on. Which is maybe why the US Luge Team and Bitcoin are made for each other,” wrote the team on their website at the time, as per Time.

Tokenized Collectibles: Olympic pins have always attracted fans, but while this year fans would not be able to visit Tokyo to get their hands on …

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