EXCLUSIVE: GmoneyNFT Talks CryptoPunks, NFTs And Investing In The Doge Meme

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Depending on who you ask the market for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, is either dying or just beginning. One investor who falls in the latter category joined Benzinga’s “Moon or Bust” show to talk cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Investing in Crypto, NFTs: Known as GmoneyNFT or Gmoney.eth, the crypto enthusiast invests in cryptocurrency and NFTs.

“I’ve been involved in crypto since 2017,” GmoneyNFT said. He found out about Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) in 2010 but didn’t start investing until years later. While Bitcoin was GmoneyNFT’s entry into crypto, he also invested in the ICO boom years ago.

“I like ETH long term,” GmoneyNFT said of Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) being one of his favorite investments in crypto.

The big “aha” moment for GmoneyNFT on the opportunity of NFTs came from popular game Fortnite. While playing the game during quarantine, GmoneyNFT realized that a popular topic was friends and family asking him what skins he owned in the game.

GmoneyNFT didn’t see a competitive advantage for owning skins in the game but quickly saw the …

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