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A billionaire’s company cannot afford the ideal domain?

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It’s a bit surprising that this high-flying company and its billionaire founder use a subpar domain.

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What is the hottest business in today’s market? Vaccines. That’s how Kong Wei became a newly minted billionaire when his vaccine company was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on June 25.

According to Forbes, Kong’s 25% stake in Changchun BCHT Biotechnology just made him worth about $2 billion.

The company’s brand is BCHT, which is clear when you visit its corporate domain (Like many Chinese companies, you’ll need to type in WWW to get the site to resolve.) Although not explicitly stated, BCHT is probably the acronym for “Baike Changchun High&New Technology“.

Now, does look cheap to you? If major Chinese companies such as Jing Dong, BYD, and DFAC can be found at,, and, respectively, where should we expect to find BCHT? At, of course. was registered in 1999 and is currently parked. Therefore, it is highly likely that the domain can be acquired at a price. Interestingly, BCHT .cn is for sale, and even BCHTpharm .cn may be available.

While BCHT is their official brand, the company is known as Bai Ke (百克 = overcome hundred times) in China. A Baidu search also confirms the use of this Chinese brand. Unfortunately, the matching (百科 = encyclopedic) is an encyclopedia website owned by ByteDance (the same company which owns TikTok). This means acquiring is almost impossible.

As domain investors, what are some takeaways?

  • Many corporate executives in China still do not understand the importance of brand-matching domains. For domain investors, there are still many opportunities to sell domains as upgrades to these Chinese companies.
  • Corporate China loves .com.
  • .cn is second place and optional. BCHT does not bother to secure and even though they are still available. This also happens to many of the largest companies such as SAIC Motor, China Railway, and Greenland Group when their matching .cn can still be acquired.

It is important to do your research to uncover potential buyers for your domains as upgrades. For example, if you were the owner of, you would be able to discover this vaccine company using tools such as Crunchbase, dotDB, and search engines.

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