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A young company moves from to

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This newish startup made a big domain upgrade.

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Ribbon upgraded its domain to

Founded in 2020, Ribbon is an online platform for live and recorded events that can integrate with services such as Zoom, while also offering email marketing solutions. In essence, it’s billed as a one-stop-shop for yoga studios, creators, and possibly even influencers.

As with many recently formed companies, Ribbon initially didn’t focus much attention on its domain name, opting to brand around before switching to

Both of these names are what I would call stopgap names, both cheap to acquire and adequate for a small startup until proof of concept, funding, or recurring revenue makes acquiring the company’s exact-match .com more viable.

It seems that such an acquisition was possible as Ribbon has now transitioned from to the succinct

Jamie Zoch first spotted the acquisition of on Twitter:

According to WHOIS, the name switched accounts at Uniregistry around June 21st, 2021. Before that, the domain name was registered to Next Navigation Pty. Ltd. of Australia. That company is also listed as the registrant for domain names such as,, and, alongside many other valuable domain names.

As of writing, it is unclear whether Ribbon bought outright or whether this was a lease-to-own deal. An email sent to Next Navigation Pty. Ltd. wasn’t responded to.

Regardless, acquiring a one-word .com domain name after just a year in business is an impressive feat that many founders dream of but most never achieve. The purchase shows intent and ambition from Ribbon and gives the company a perfect launchpad for its future.

Ribbon’s efforts to brand around the common word ribbon is part of a general trend that Crunchbase commented on in 2020 in a blog post entitled “Startup Names Are Still Getting Less Silly.” The article notes a continuing trend of companies branding around single words, citing numerous examples.

A testament to the popularity of ribbon as a brand name is evident at Crunchbase, where 40 company names contain the word ribbon.

It’s surprising that hasn’t been snapped up before now by another company named Ribbon. Especially considering one of those companies, Ribbon Home, has raised $555 million in funding since launching in 2017.

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