Which is better: a 4 letter domain or a 22 letter domain?

Which is better: a 4 letter domain or a 22 letter domain?

The answer to this post’s headline isn’t as obvious as it seems

A screenshot of YPTC.com showing the company's name Your Part-Time Controller and initialism YPTC

At least audibly, this company’s name is easier to remember than its initialism.

I was listening to NPR this morning and one of the sponsor’s domain names caught my attention. The sponsor was called Your Part-Time Controller, and the message said to learn more at YourPartTimeController.com.

That’s a mouthful!

A surprising thing happens when you type in this 22-character domain name: it forwards to the four-letter domain YPTC.com.

This begs the question, “Which is better for audible advertising? The 22-character domain or the four letter domain?”

In this case, I think the sponsor got it right. I don’t think I would have remembered YPTC.com. I probably would have gotten the letters out of order. But I could remember Your Part-Time Controller dot com.

In other words, the longer and more descriptive domain passes the radio test while the initialism is harder to remember.

And the company did something else smart. It registered both PartTimeController.com and YourPart-TimeController.com. Both forward to YPTC.com.

What do you think?

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