Web.com aftermarkets generated $500k in big sales last month

Web.com aftermarkets generated $500k in big sales last month

Another strong month at NameJet and SnapNames.

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Web.com’s NameJet and SnapNames auction platforms generated nearly $500,000 in sales of domains $2,000 or more last month. 115 domains met the threshold. It was down from January’s $700k, but still a good month.

The top sale is a bit of a mystery to me. 31op.com sold for $29,500. The value appears to be from the previous usage of the domain or it means something to people in China.

Here are some domains that jumped out at me:

SanFranciscoHomes.com $9,751 – city home domains are rather valuable, and this is for one of the most expensive cities.

ChainData.com $9,500 – two good keywords in this one.

GreenwhichHomes.com $9,008 – another city homes domain.

AmericanDreams.com $6,002 – obviously would have sold for a lot more if it was singular.

CornStarch.com $4,500 – not sure what to make of this one. A food product, but probably not a good brandable.

Here’s a full list of sales $2,000 and higher:

Domain Name Site Type Sales Amount
31op.com SnapNames Deleting 29500
shes.com Namejet Expiring 22722
digitale.com Namejet Deleting 14522
yh123.com SnapNames Deleting 12022
ictsd.org Namejet Expiring 10500
63388.com SnapNames Deleting 10240
digitalcard.com Namejet Deleting 9840
sanfranciscohomes.com Namejet Expiring 9751
vanco.com Namejet Deleting 9750
chaindata.com Namejet Expiring 9500
greenwichhomes.com Namejet Expiring 9008
journeyforward.org Namejet Expiring 7750
greenlite.com SnapNames Deleting 7000
g-g.com Namejet Expiring 6775
neptune.io Namejet Deleting 6362
americandreams.com Namejet Expiring 6002
coopertools.com Namejet Expiring 5873
espressoroyale.com Namejet Expiring 5349
nutrasystem.com SnapNames Expiring 5272
greenpois0n.com Namejet Expiring 5100
walco.com Namejet Expiring 5039
credilife.com SnapNames Buy Now 4995
thetemple.com Namejet Expiring 4926
trimed.com SnapNames Deleting 4835
seaton.com SnapNames Deleting 4718
catapult.io SnapNames Deleting 4667
bacai.com SnapNames Deleting 4655
equusite.com Namejet Expiring 4607
findmyip.com Namejet Deleting 4600
cornstarch.com Namejet Expiring 4500
woodpecker.io SnapNames Deleting 4500
delph.com Namejet Expiring 4360
haopengyou.com SnapNames Deleting 4204
fernand.com SnapNames Expiring 4125
mechanik.com SnapNames Deleting 4066
alibabas.com Namejet Expiring 3999
reip.com Namejet Expiring 3925
usup.com Namejet Expiring 3800
moloco.com SnapNames Expiring 3734
suncheon.com SnapNames Deleting 3705
eveda.com SnapNames Expiring 3700
parentcoach.com SnapNames Deleting 3700
globalized.com Namejet Deleting 3602
totalfinance.com Namejet Expiring 3600
theclock.com Namejet Deleting 3499
adaptech.com SnapNames Deleting 3475
mashpeewampanoagtribe.com Namejet Expiring 3450
qrng.com SnapNames Expiring 3450
bridgelink.com SnapNames Expiring 3444
summersale.com SnapNames Expiring 3408
aireflow.com SnapNames Expiring 3395
primewest.com SnapNames Expiring 3350
custombottle.com SnapNames Expiring 3347
yourwish.com Namejet Expiring 3310
redrain.com Namejet Expiring 3300
lookuppage.com SnapNames Expiring 3299
yepnopejs.com Namejet Expiring 3250
lendingservice.com Namejet BuyNow 3225
edgedigital.com SnapNames Expiring 3138
earthnow.com SnapNames Deleting 3103
mjco.com Namejet Expiring 3101
centurioncapital.com Namejet Expiring 3001
publicitas.com Namejet Expiring 3000
kinderland.com SnapNames Expiring 3000
huyen.com SnapNames Expiring 2990
tirp.com Namejet Deleting 2988
fireworksafety.com Namejet Expiring 2987
chakuriki.net SnapNames Deleting 2960
intelligentworld.com SnapNames Deleting 2923
brandtrack.com SnapNames Deleting 2906
dakon.com SnapNames Expiring 2850
asecure.com SnapNames Deleting 2800
mediasky.com SnapNames Deleting 2800
leafmask.com SnapNames Expiring 2795
premarket.net Namejet BuyNow 2788
survie.com SnapNames Expiring 2746
rockstar69.com Namejet Expiring 2730
docunet.com Namejet Expiring 2714
aviatorfarms.com SnapNames Expiring 2695
healingfoods.com Namejet Expiring 2625
3dcad.com SnapNames Expiring 2613
qyqy.com SnapNames Deleting 2601
flowfund.com SnapNames Deleting 2600
crosspoles.com SnapNames Expiring 2595
death-records.net Namejet Expiring 2500
probert.com Namejet Expiring 2477
girlcrew.com SnapNames Deleting 2468
wirelessdesign.com SnapNames Expiring 2460
tremplocounty.com Namejet Expiring 2400
cupidscorner.com SnapNames Buy Now 2395
jianqiang.com SnapNames Deleting 2395
ezhi.com SnapNames Expiring 2319
hrsystems.com SnapNames Deleting 2300
transcendtherapeutics.com SnapNames Expiring 2295
biotimeinc.com Namejet Expiring 2289
fountainofhealth.com SnapNames Expiring 2274
cashhere.com Namejet Expiring 2257
tagsystems.com SnapNames Expiring 2250
ambitus.com Namejet Deleting 2238
gallerydirect.com SnapNames Expiring 2211
ambienti.com Namejet Deleting 2168
usarealestate.com SnapNames Expiring 2115
emotionalwellness.com Namejet Expiring 2102
obsentinel.com Namejet Expiring 2100
decisiontech.com SnapNames Expiring 2097
outdoorfirepit.com SnapNames Expiring 2092
waterfloss.com Namejet Expiring 2051
coinworker.com SnapNames Deleting 2050
hongque.com SnapNames Expiring 2050
saintfranciscare.com SnapNames Expiring 2050
bisoo.com SnapNames Deleting 2029
bcoz.com Namejet Deleting 2012
answ.com Namejet Expiring 2010
timson.com Namejet Expiring 2002

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