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This company didn’t want you to dropcatch

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It was apparently bombarded by auction frontrunners.

Image about on website

The company that owns didn’t want anyone to catch

One of the expired domain auctions on this afternoon was for the domain I was researching the name and looking at other companies using the extension when I came upon a New Zealand company using the domain

I was surprised to see the image (above) when viewing its site. The company had this message when you clicked through:

We’re acquiring the domain

The web domain is soon available for us to purchase and add to our site.

We are first in the queue to purchase.

Message for Drop Catchers

Do not email us with offers to sell, purchase, transfer or auction the domain on our behalf.

We will not engage with drop catchers.

Registered Trademark ownership

We are the registered trademark owner of BoatSecure

If you acquire the domain and then offer to sell to us we will refuse your offer.

Further, we will ENFORCE OUR RIGHTS and DEMAND transfer of the domain to us at YOUR COST

One Bid

We understand the process for acquiring a deleted domain.

We have registered with a domain drop catch site to purchase when it is deleted.  Don’t waste your time, effort or money to beat us.

We will not take part in a bidding process at a higher price.

We have made one offer to purchase when it drops.  We will not take part in a bidding process or auction – if we lose at the drop we can wait.

No Auction

We will not take part in auctions for

We will not bid a higher price to acquire the domain   As registered trademark owner we understand our rights to own and use our trademark and associated domains.  If you purchase the domain and park the domain or create a page with either an unrelated or related services we will enforce our rights.

If you take part in an auction to acquire the domain with expectation to resell to us at a higher price, this will fail.  We will not purchase the domain from a reseller.

We wish to acquire and WE CAN WAIT

Our present domain is well known and performs excellent with SEO.  We don’t need to continue our success

We Can Wait

Our present domain is well known and performs excellent with SEO.  We don’t need to continue our success

WE CAN WAIT.  Anyone else that purchases is wasting their money and time.  We will enforce our rights to transfer ownership of to us AT YOUR COST.

Move On – Nothing to See

Domain buying, selling and transfers are an amazing part of the process of website operation.  We recognise this is a legitimate area of business and trading.

However, there are also rules and regulations of who has rights to use a trademark and web domain.  We don’t want to take part in the investment strategy of domain drop catchers and parking.

We wish you well in your strategy, but it’s not how we operate.

One thing that’s apparent when viewing this message is that the company must have been bombarded by frontrunners trying to sell the name to it.

What’s not apparent is what the company actually plans to do about someone else winning the name in the auction. It says it won’t buy it but will enforce its rights. Yet it says it also doesn’t really need the name.

We’ll see what happens. lawyer0247 won the auction for $476.

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