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Romance and dating enter the metaverse on this Indian app


On a mission to disrupt the conventional dating app scene, Indian startup Mingout recently took two of its loyal users to a romantic rendezvous in the Metaverse.

A virtual date “took place” in outer space, as the couple enjoyed a romantic dinner in a moon-based setting.

“Where you can date, not just match” 

“We thought about the most romantic date possible–and in an instant, the answer was clear,” Mingout Co-Founder Navdeep Kamboj said in the press release. 

“The moon represents the two tenets of Mingout–romance and revolution. What’s more romantic than moonlight, and what’s more revolutionary than humanity’s first step on the moon,” he elaborated.

The moon date in the Metaverse (Mingout Valentine’s Week on Meta)

The app markets itself as the only dating app in the world “where you can date, not just match,” and as such wants to play a pioneering role in what it calls a “dating revolution.”

In addition, hosting virtual events and with 100 other date ideas, the app is casting its net beyond just singles–also trying to appeal to people with partners who are looking for a new dimension for experiencing romance. 

Immersive, fun and interactive experience

“You don’t have to be single to date,” Mingout Co-Founder Harshveer Jain said. “Romance hits you with puberty and stays with you till your last breath,” he added.

Virtual meetings became increasingly popular during the pandemic restrictions. Meanwhile, the Metaverse allows people from different physical locations to meet in a virtual one. 

“It’s funny–that in a country that loves love so much, we still find it difficult to express and experience romance freely. And that’s why we built Mingout. Copy-pasted American solutions of casual swiping don’t work in India,” he added about the incentive to create “a uniquely Indian solution to romance.”

Mingout already conducted over 1,000 dates on the app, however venturing into the Metaverse, which combines several different technologies, including augmented reality and virtual reality, could unlock a more immersive, fun and interactive experience, the dating platform believes. 

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