You are currently viewing Nitro League Players Can Now Flaunt Cars, More With Garage Feature

Nitro League Players Can Now Flaunt Cars, More With Garage Feature


Nitro League Players Can Now Flaunt Cars, More With Garage Feature

  • Nitro League is set to introduce its new game feature — Garage — on April 2, 2022.
  • The feature launch will coincide with a special Twitch stream hosted by various Nitro League partners.
  • The developers of Nitro League revealed that they are working on an in-game social platform.

On April 2, 2022, Nitro League, a decentralized play-to-earn (P2E) racing game, is introducing its centralized car-building space to gamers, sources tell CoinQuora. This new feature will allow players to upgrade performance parts of their favorite cards loaded in the Car Pod.

The launch of the Garage application is an important milestone for the Nitro League team. The team initially committed to offering a Beta version of its P2E NFT game following the completion of its initial DEX offering (IDO).

The Nitro League will take off from this milestone, promising to continue building the game’s other features, including racing. This achievement brings them closer to unlocking the Nitroverse.

According to the Nitro League team, they are also launching a “special” Twitch stream event to celebrate the launch of the Garage application on the same date at 1:00 PM (UTC). The Nitro League team partnered with YGG SEA, Terra Virtua, Polinate, and Polygen in hosting the event.

What’s more, renowned gaming and eSports influencer Kaisaya will also join the Nitro League community as the event’s moderator.

Nitro League CEO Zaynab Tucker will address the game’s community to talk about important subjects, including the overview of in-game mechanics and the history behind the game’s creation.

In addition, the event will also hold a panel discussion and some Discord games to let the game developers engage with the community.

Nitro League also teased what to look forward to by the community. This includes an inventory screen, Robot Avatar Hut, and first-person walk-around mode, among other upcoming features. The Nitro League team said that these features will allow players to have a personalized gameplay experience. Furthermore, the developers have revealed that they are working on a social component for the Nitroverse to encourage users to share their Garages, paving the way for clans, leagues, and other features which are all lineup in the game’s roadmap.


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