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Meson Network And RSS3 Partner Up To Support Open Information Syndication Protocol In Web3


Meson Network And RSS3 Partner Up To Support Open Information Syndication Protocol In Web3

Meson Network, a bandwidth trading platform built on blockchain and RSS3, an open information syndication protocol entered into a strategic partnership to ensure RSS3 users enjoy accelerated static files in a fully decentralized network frame.

As per the announcement, the partnership will integrate Meson Network’s decentralized CDN to accelerate files and content faster, giving users a premium experience. Notably, Meson Network has been using RSS3’s Revery solution to distribute social content such as Twitter messages to various platforms for a long time now. The Revery solution has massively expanded Meson Network’s global distribution channels.

Commenting on the integration, Joshua, Co-Founder, and CEO of RSS3 explained:

“The world has been long waiting for a decentralized network for bandwidth, and Meson does exactly that. One would be surprised when first looking at the bandwidth cost of any major web platform. By utilizing blockchain and related decentralized technologies, Meson is now able to create this market, whereas platforms would save costs while long-tail nodes would profit. We believe that Sherlock and his team will make a significant contribution to the future of the decentralized web.”

Meson Network uses a blockchain protocol model to create an efficient bandwidth marketplace on Web3. Unlike traditional CDN players, Meson Network allows its users to have control over their data. Notably, Meson Network seeks to become the foundation of data transmission for decentralized storage, emerging Web3 dApp ecosystem, and computation.

Sherlock, Co-Founder, and CEO of Meson Network added:

“As a user of RSS, I find that the content of the Internet is now deposited on various platforms and thus forms data silos. In the Web3.0 era, a similar thing is happening. All kinds of data are deposited in different public chains, different social systems, different data structures, and indexing methods. Seeing RSS3’s product, Joshua and his team have a chance to connect and combine data that is lying dormant in various domains, creating greater possibilities for the Web3.0.”

RSS3 uses the best RSS in the industry to support efficient and decentralized information distribution on Web3. Under the RSS3 system, users own and have control over their data through public-key cryptography. Through this partnership, Meson will use its 30,000 plus independent IP acceleration nodes to support RSS3 in delivering more decentralized products in the coming days.


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