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London Hosts The First NFT Gallery In The United Kingdom



  • London is set to host the first NFT Art Gallery in the United Kingdom (UK).
  • The responsible parties promised a soft launch at the start of March.
  • In other news, the first NFT museum was recently opened in Seattle.

As the blockchain industry is becoming more viral, London announced it is hosting the first NFT Art Gallery in the United Kingdom. The gallery contains a collection of 333 NFT art pieces under the name “The Crypto Stars”.

The collection marks the first collaboration between Quantus Gallery, a prestigious European NFT advisory, and the 3D character artist Pierre Benjamin. As the announcement was out, the Co-founder Josh Sandhu commented:

We are trying to blend that digital element to the physical world

While he was explaining how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a unique digital asset, the identity of which is stored on a blockchain, essentially in quality. He also explained that NFTs are the one form of art where ownership is proven, yet identity could still be mysterious.

As this announcement came out, it rang a bell for many other things that happened recently in the NFT world. One example is the House of Wisdom in Sharjah hosting its first NFT exhibition. This event is going on from March 1 to April 15.

Another event was announced in January 2022, where the first NFT museum was opened in Seattle. Part of the museum’s mission is to increase and improve knowledge of NFTs. Also, The wall texts serve as explainers for visitors to learn more about blockchain art and staff are reportedly present for further discussions.

One other amazing thing about the museum is that it traces the history of NFTs back to an art piece named Quantum by Kevin McCoy from 2014, claiming that it is the very first NFT after it was minted on the Namecoin blockchain eight years ago.


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