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Jupiter Project Sets Metis Messenger Into The Open Space

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For decades, privacy on social media platforms was perceived as a default option not subject to hours-long critical thinking scrutiny. People used to engage with internet platforms without reflecting on the variety of bitter side-effects of data being absorbed by search engines and other internet platforms. This thing only got under attention around the 2010s: then, it became evident that in a large variety of cases, data collection takes place without user consent and leveraged for the advantage of the firm. The signal that things need to be changed came with the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the subsequent GDPR adoption: it marked the start of a new era in data privacy, where only users could decide on how, and for which purpose, their data is to be treated.

Continuing the tradition, the blockchain technology came to weep out the last remnants of the corporate involvement in the breaches in data management control. With the supreme multi-layer security stonewall, blockchain allows the seamless data exchange and transfer of sensitive data between partners without the help of external parties. By default, this way of data sharing also leads to exclusion of extraneous spam and advertising, so prevalent on the horizons of the internet, which by its own guarantees the enhancement of user …

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