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Introducing Fractally: A Combined Decentralized Exchange, and Social Media Platform


Introducing Fractally: A Combined Decentralized Exchange

  • Fractally hires John Williamson, the founder of
  • On Feb, 22 at 2:22 UTC the vision for Fractally with a YouTube premier and a white paper will be unveiled.
  • Fractally solves many of the problems with Steem’s token-weighted voting system.

Fractally is a combination of a decentralized exchange, a social media platform, and a high-performance smart contract platform with the most advanced decentralized governance process in the market, aided by the initial vision outlined for EOS in 2017.

Fractally’s founder asserts that he was one of the founding members of most of the tools and crypto terms that are used today and the Fractally platform was built on the premise and vision of all the lessons learned from his first two blockchains — BitShares and Steem.

In 2013, he says he coined the phrase “Decentralized Autonomous Company” as a metaphor for better understanding Bitcoin’s economics and building BitShares. The concept gained traction and became known as the DAO, which is now widely used.

By using the insights learned from Eden which were outlined in the founder’s book, “More Equal Animals – The Subtle art of True Democracy” published in 2020, Fractally’s founder claims it overcame many of the issues with Steem’s token-weighted voting method which is one out of the first two blockchains developed by the founder.

In 2021, he affirms that they put the fractal governance process to the test by launching Eden on EOS and having three elections with hundreds of participants., an EOS-based social blogging network, was able to exploit Eden users’ strong individuality to build Universal Basic Income and a Sybil-resistant blogging platform.

He states that BitShares was the first DeFi platform, and it continues to be the fastest decentralized exchange on the market. As a result, no smart contract writing is required to produce, distribute, and exchange tokens with BitShares’ easy user interface.

On the other hand, Steem was the first blockchain-based social media site. Because it compensated users for posting, it became one of the top 1000 websites in the world (according to Alexa). However, is now the home of the original Steem community.

Furthermore, the decentralized exchange and social media network announced it has hired John Williamson, the founder of, to help bring a well-regulated social media platform to EOS.

Fractally has also taken up the job of maintaining Mandel, the community-driven fork of EOSIO, thanks to financing from the EOS Network Foundation. Because the Fractally team includes many of the original EOSIO developers, this is conceivable.

Fractally is hosting a special event to reveal the details for the network. As a result, they will be premiering its YouTube and publishing the Fractally white paper on February 22 at 2:22 UTC.

To sum up, Fractally plans to create an EOS application that is equally as powerful and much easier to use, while also incorporating new developments in automated market makers. Together with this, Fractally will introduce incentivized blogging to EOS while limiting abuse with insights learned from Eden.


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