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EXCLUSIVE: CoinFlip CEO Ben Weiss Seeks To Make Buying Crypto Easier

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It often seems that everyone is talking about cryptocurrency, but many people are still uncertain on how to become part of the digital action. And that’s where Chicago-based CoinFlip seeks to be of service.

Chicago-based CoinFlip operates the world's largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs by volume and an over-the-counter trading service. Ben Weiss, the company’s co-founder and CEO, recently spoke with Benzinga about his company’s work in bringing more people into the cryptocurrency sphere.

Q: For the benefit of people who are not familiar with your company, when did CoinFlip begin and why did it begin?

Weiss: CoinFlip began in 2015 when me and my co-founders were 20 years old. We believed in a decentralized economy, a decentralized financial system, and Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) and cryptocurrency. But we saw how difficult it was for those of us who are pretty good with technology to buy it.

And we thought, ‘If this is ever going to hit mass adoption, the average person has to be able to buy it. And not just the average person, but the person who's never sent an email should also have the ability to buy it as well.’ So, we wanted to make cryptocurrency as inclusive as possible for everyone.

Q: How does CoinFlip work?

Weiss: CoinFlip is a crypto-powered financial company and we can assist you in whatever way you want to buy Bitcoin. We take wire transfers, ACH and credit card, and we have physical kiosk locations in 49 states that we operate where anyone can go in with just a wallet and physical cash, scan their wallet and put in dollars and get their coin.

And there's 24/7 customer support on all aspects. So, any way you want to buy Bitcoin, you can …

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