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Strong finish to the year helped set a record for gross payment volume. And it wasn’t just from domain names.

Chart showing gross payment volume at through 2020. It hit a record in 2020.

A strong Q4 propelled to record gross payment volume in 2020. The red portion represents transactions involving China.

A strong finish to the year helped set a record for gross payment volume in 2020. The company recorded US $486.1m in gross payment volume last year, up 15.2% year over year.

The company says the last four months of the year were particularly strong. Q4 2020 was 56.2% higher than Q4 2019 with a record US $156.6 million in transactions.

It’s not just domain names that are propelling the escrow service forward. Gross payment volume for motor vehicle transactions was up 285% for the year.

And even in Q2, when domain name volume fell off a cliff, was able to fill most of the hole with transactions for personal protective equipment and IPV4 addresses.

Domain and website transactions totaled US $312 million for the year according to data in the company’s quarterly domain index reports. That makes up 64% of’s total gross payment volume last year. is part of publicly traded (ASX: FLN). Its Freelancer division also posted a record last year. Combined, the company handled US $618.5 million gross payment volume in 2020.


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