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Axie Infinity Tops List of Google’s Most-Searched NFTs


Axie_Infinity_is_the_world’s_most_Googled_NFT_collection,_The_Sandbox (2)

  • Axie Infinity tops Google’s most-searched NFTs.
  • This is according to the find by creative resource Design Bundles.
  • The Sandbox is second on this list of most-searched for NFTs.

The popular NFT game Axie Infinity has been crowned the most googled NFT collection this month. With a total of 3.86 million monthly global searches, the game saw a fivefold massive increase since the end of 2021. Creative resource Design Bundles was the organization that conducted this research for the most coveted NFTs based on the number of times they were searched on Google each month.

This NFT-based online video game is hugely popular. Notably, it has more than 2.8 million unique addresses, hosting 11.1 million Axie. Axies are characters within an online game that are similar to Pokemon, with each character digitized as an NFT that is stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Axie Infinity Twitteratis are also pleased with this news with several using reposting the news.

The second place on this list is bagged by The Sandbox developed by the game studio Pixowl. This game has over 553,000 monthly global searches.

And in third place is NBA Top Shot with searches averaging 477,000 a month. NBA Top Shot is an NFT marketplace that allows users to buy, sell and collect influential NBA digital moments.

Chronologically, other games on this list are Sorare, Decentraland, Rarible, Cryptokitties, Gods Unchained, Cryptopunks, and finally, Bored Ape Yacht Club in the tenth spot.

Interestingly, the number of global searches for NFT has reached over five million a month in the past couple of months. This explosion of interest can be largely attributed to the influx of celebrities into the world of NFTs. The NFT space can now boast of household names like Snoop Dogg, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and Eminem.


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