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Anyone can start a club on Clubhouse now. What does this mean for .Club?

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A new feature could improve the interplay between Clubhouse and .club domains.

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Anyone can start a club on Clubhouse now. (And yes, you have a fat cat.)

It’s been quite a ride for .Club this year thanks to the popular Clubhouse app. Some people are buying .club domains to use in conjunction with the app, and many more are registering .club domains with the hope that the app’s popularity will increase the value of .club domains.

We can debate whether the app’s popularity will make .club domains more valuable and what the intentions are of people pushing this idea. Certainly, a lot of people bought domains they’ll drop in a year. But there is some potential interplay between the app and the domains.

The problem, until the latest app update that most people got today, is that most users couldn’t create a club on Clubhouse. They could create a room, but not a club. The latest update lets anyone create a club.

I believe this improves the interplay between using Clubhouse and owning a .club domain. A club owner can refer people to a matching .club domain to sign up for updates and be notified of upcoming events. Or create some sort of connection with club members off of the app.

The Clubhouse app doesn’t have much connection to the web right now. But if Clubhouse lets people link from a website to a club or creates some other connection, it could be valuable to have a matching .club domain.

Some companies register domains to point to their Facebook or Instagram pages, although it’s still uncommon. Yet most of those services started for the web, not apps. And there isn’t a top level domain for other social networks quite as good  as .club is for Clubhouse.

This doesn’t mean that all .club domains are worth something now, nor does it mean you should plunk down thousands of dollars for a .club domain. But it certainly gives some momentum to the top level domain.

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