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AMA Session: SimpleSwap & Solve.Care


SimpleSwap is happy to announce that our first AMA Session has taken place on December 16, 2021, on Twitter. It was a great pleasure to learn more about Solve.Care, so we decided to collect all Q & As here and give everyone the chance to get to know the project better.

Our guest who answers the questions is Karèn Gioulizarov, Community & Partnership specialist at Solve.Care. 

Karèn has a background in the digital currency area and extensive experience with high-profile clients through his prior job in the banking sector. He joined Solve.Care in March 2021 and focused on ensuring that this project gains visibility and recognition in the digital currency space and is tasked with further developing the existing global Solve.Care community.

SimpleSwap: Karèn thank you so much for joining us today! Let’s start with a quick introduction of the Solve.Care project. 

Karèn Gioulizarov: Thank you for the introduction, SimpleSwap! It’s a pleasure to be here. 

Some background: Solve.Care is a full-fledged healthcare platform company that uses blockchain to redefine care coordination, improve access to care, reduce benefits administration costs, and help reduce fraud and waste in healthcare around the world.

Solve.Care Platform allows for interoperable digital health networks, called Care Networks, to be built and run for patient-centric care based on medical conditions, economic and social needs, and other tailored eligibility criteria, creating a healthcare ecosystem. 

Using the Solve.Care Platform, businesses are able to launch networked, interoperable healthcare dApps, within weeks or even days.

Solve.Care is also the first company in the world to successfully deploy digital currency and blockchain technology for value-based payments in healthcare.

Solve.Care is a multiple award-winning company, receiving accolades such as Most Innovative Blockchain Project Award at the Blockchain Life 2019 Forum, Top Innovative Blockchain Solution and Top Outstanding Project at the 2019 World Blockchain Awards, BRI’s Industry Solution of the Year 2020, SSOW Impact Awards, Technology of the Year 2020, and much more.

SimpleSwap: Wonderful! Thank you for this intro! 

It’s time to share the questions that we’ve selected for this AMA! We must say it was pretty hard cause we received over 400 questions from crypto enthusiasts!

Q and A

Why do you think Blockchain is needed in the Health sector? What changes and innovations does Solve.Care bring to the Blockchain space?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Solve.Care Platform enables developers, physicians, businesses, and governments to build complex healthcare dApps for real-world applications in weeks or even days. Solve.Care is unique because it not only allows dApps and networks to run independently but also have a fabric underneath that allows them all to communicate. 

Solve.Care was not drawn to blockchain due to hype but due to the technology that brings viable and valuable solutions to healthcare. This is a company that has lived in healthcare IT for a long time and understands exactly what distributed ledgers can do for healthcare administration.

We expect that as a full-stack healthcare platform, we will lead the way in blockchain and digital currency adoption by businesses worldwide, starting with healthcare.

Is it a global project or a local project? Which market are you currently focusing on, or are you focusing on building and growing to get customers, users and partners?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Solve.Care is a global company that provides the infrastructure to build full-stack healthcare networks. We have several Care Networks that are being used by clinical and physician groups and even charter schools in the U.S. to workplaces in the Asia Pacific.

Our newest Care Network, the Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE), allows patients and physicians from all over the world to do Teleconsultations and provide care.

What advantages does SOLVE offer in relation to its competitors?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Our main differentiator is that we don’t offer another single-purpose app for you to download. Solve.Care is a full-fledged healthcare platform.

We give healthcare stakeholders a unique opportunity to build their own Care Networks, connecting and synchronizing their participants, making instant payments inside their network, and sharing information immediately to reduce opportunities for fraud.

Our question is relating to how fast you think the digital healthcare market can grow in the coming years.
Also, your ambitions to enter new world markets, especially in the UK.

Karèn Gioulizarov: Healthcare is a massive opportunity that dwarfs everything else in the world – healthcare represents 8,800 Billion a year in expenses, worldwide. Healthcare is a very complex industry and is ripe for a trustless system.

Every single activity in healthcare requires coordination between parties who don’t like or trust each other. Considering these facts, one can reason that there is a massive opportunity for our solution to grow and thrive.

Eventually, we aim to make Care.Wallet and the GTHE available in almost every country worldwide.

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GTHE seems to be something very big. Is it already in use and by who?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Yes, our Global Telehealth Exchange (GTHE) is already available in 26 countries, and 21 more will be added in the near future!

Currently there are physicians available from 39 different specialties, who already passed the verification process and started practicing Telemedicine. They receive payments in SOLVE

We also have more than 30 experienced GTHE ambassadors who spread the word about the GTHE around the globe.

Learn more about the GTHE here:

How will I know that the doctors on the network are specialists and well-qualified doctors?

Karèn Gioulizarov: We have a dedicated team that is tasked to verify physicians’ credentials, check their medical licenses, identification, malpractice insurance, etc. We also work with medical associations in different regions to verify physicians’ documents if we have any concerns.

Once a physician is fully verified, they will be granted permission to practice Telemedicine on the GTHE.

What is the biggest goal to reach in 2022? And for whatever it is, how confident are you in reaching it?

Karèn Gioulizarov: We have many ambitious goals for 2022, but the biggest one is to increase the adoption of Solve.Care platform and SOLVE token usage. We expect and plan numerous Care.Networks to be built by doctors/developers, made available globally and accessible in Care.Wallet.

We will continue GTHE expansion into other countries, so more patients and doctors can have global teleconsultations, paid for in SOLVE tokens.

We will also continue to develop the SOLVE token ecosystem, bringing more partners and trading platforms to make SOLVE more accessible for everyone.  So yes, we have clear goals and plans on how to reach them – 2022 will be an exciting year for Solve.Care!

What will happen in the case where interested physicians don’t know how to design and create their own healthcare networks on Solve.Care platform?

Karèn Gioulizarov: We have a Care Network form available on our website that physicians/developers can fill in, to gauge their ability and understanding to build a Care Network. Based on the input provided, we have a tech support team that will assist those who aspire to build Care Networks.

Furthermore, a sandbox is available (Care.Labs) for individuals who aim to test their ability to build decentralized Care networks. There’s also a dedicated Discord channel for people who want to be involved in building their own dApps on our platform.

You can join the Discord channel:   

Care.Labs portal: 

Can I as a physician use Care Wallet to manage my patient consultations on a personal basis, or does it require an organizational use to work? If I will be able to, will it be easy to set up?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Our Global Telehealth solution allows any physician to run as their own separate entity. They can onboard their own patients and can choose whether to accept new patients or not. Depending on your local compliance you can even choose to help patients in other countries as well!

Check out, scroll down and you will see where the physician sign-ups are. Our future goal is to have numerous Care.Networks that support individual physicians as well as organizations.

Tools that physicians can use to bring better care and stay connected to their patients in ways not possible before. Care.Networks designed for chronic illnesses, connect to IoT devices, track medication, allow for doctors to check in daily, and so much more.

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Good projects always have an experienced team behind them. Can you tell us something about the team and their experience in the market?

Karèn Gioulizarov: The core Solve.Care team consists of 120 full-time specialists, working worldwide, with hundreds of contractors and advisors. We are a complete company with experienced leadership that work incredibly well together!

Solve.Care is led by former Blue Cross Blue Shield CIO, Pradeep Goel. Pradeep has worked in healthcare IT his entire life, working with multiple US presidents on such projects as Medicare/Medicaid and the affordable care act.

Pradeep has built four healthcare IT companies and taken them to the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500, INC500/5000 fastest growing companies lists multiple times. Pradeep is also in the rankings of the 100 Most Promising Entrepreneurs Worldwide, as compiled by Goldman Sachs.

We also have a very strong and reputable Advisory Board that comprises of eminent, respected, and experienced leaders such as James Moran, former US Congressman and Dr. David Randall, Executive Director of the American Research and Policy Institute – among many others!

Which one of these aspects is important for you?
1. Increasing Token Price&Value
2. Empowering Platform Development
3. Building Community Trust
4. Expanding Partnership Globally

Karèn Gioulizarov: All aspects that you have mentioned are very significant. If we would have to pick one, it would be most likely be empowering platform development. We’re aware that it is impossible for a single company to change healthcare worldwide.

Hence, we want to empower others to build their own Care Networks – join us in fighting the good fight. We also believe that Empowering Platform Development will help to achieve all other goals as a result.

Who are your current clients?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Our platform was not just designed to attract clients but built alongside clients to ensure our product fit was exactly what the industry needs. Here are some of our clients and more to come!

  • Arizona Care Network: they utilize the Solve.Care platform with a product called Provider Rewards Network.
  • Boehringer Ingelheim: We developed the Diabetes Care Network and work with them to continue to add more features and tools to our platform.
  • Aon PLC: Uses our http://Team.Care solution to help ensure the safety of their employees.
  • Angel Kids Pediatrics: Utilizes http://Team.Care
  • Collaborative Charter Services: Utilizes http://Team.Care

We have already achieved real-world adoption and continue to expand!

The arrangement between Solve care and AliveCore is really exciting. But what is Solve.Care’s role in this arrangement?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Solve.Care and AliveCor have partnered to integrate KardiaMobile devices with Solve.Care platform. Kardiamobile users will receive push notifications for Teleconsultations with GTHE doctors.

This brings more GTHE users who will be using SOLVE tokens to pay for their Teleconsultations. Also, patients will be able to purchase these integrated KardiaMobile devices directly in the Care.Wallet using SOLVE.

The KardiaMobile partnership is extremely exciting. Can you talk more on RPM devices, their place in the Care Network and future RPM partnerships?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Excellent question! RPM devices provide patients with the ability to better manage their chronic conditions as they will provide the necessary medical data for doctors to plan their treatment.

This will bring value not only to GTHE, but for DCAN and future Care Networks where there is a need for doctors to quickly access the patient ECG (and other) results/history seamlessly.

The partnership with Alivecor opens the doors for many more medical device companies to join us. Several discussions with other medical device companies are currently ongoing. 

You briefly mentioned moving off the Ethereum blockchain. Do you have an update on the future home of Solve.Care?

Karèn Gioulizarov: There are currently no concrete plans to move entirely off the Ethereum blockchain. We are always exploring for opportunities to improve our platform’s infrastructure. It’s definitely a possibility that we may consider migrating to another blockchain in the future.

Language is an issue for some crypto enthusiasts, we all know many projects that support English-speaking communities. So, do you plan to use local communities to raise awareness of the project among people in different countries?

Karèn Gioulizarov: Sure! We already have a large (official) community in Korea, which is managed by our Korean community manager: Onsoo Kim. There are several unofficial communities, e.g. Dutch and Indonesian, and we plan to add much more once our ambassador program is launched.

Thank you SimpleSwap for hosting this AMA session, and many thanks to those who submitted these interesting questions! I would like to invite everyone to join our official Telegram channel,, to have a chat with our wonderful and diverse community.

SimpleSwap: That was it, friends! A huge thank you to Karèn for being a part of this AMA and providing so much important information! 

We are happy to remind you that you always can find SOLVE tokens on SimpleSwap!

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