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Aladdin Exchange Tops Customer Satisfaction With Ongoing Events, Reaches 2M Users


Aladdin Exchange Tops Customer Satisfaction With Ongoing Events, Reaches 2M Users

Aladdin Exchange, a fast-rising crypto exchange platform, is widely known for its extensive expertise in keeping its users happy and satisfied. Reaching a groundbreaking record of 2 million registered users in a short time is no easy feat, but not impossible. Aladdin Exchange made it possible.

According to an Aladdin Exchange team member, they are ecstatic with the new milestone they have unlocked. “We understand the significance of this achievement. 2 million is a big number, but this is just the beginning. We plan to keep our Aladdin crypto family growing.”

The team further added that they are doing their best to develop more projects and events to enhance each customer’s experience. They also aim to grow the platform simultaneously with the demand of its users.

The UAE-based cryptocurrency trading platform cares for its users equally, both existing and new. Aladdin’s surging number of active customers is a testament to this fact. At this time, the exchange has several ongoing promotions that entice new traders and excite old ones.

First on the list is the new user registration reward. Newcomers who register on Aladdin Exchange during the registration period will receive 100 TNC. New users are required to finish the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process to unlock the rewards.

Meanwhile, existing users are encouraged to bring more people into the crypto space. For every successful referral–registered and verified, they can earn 20 TNC as a reward. Aladdin believes that it is better to earn crypto with your family and friends together.

Aladdin is also hosting a zero-trading fees event to welcome its prospective customers. During the event period, the exchange platform will not charge its users for transactions made. For the next 100 days after registration, trading fees will be waived and they can enjoy bigger returns and earnings.

With its goal of uniting the cryptocurrency world, Aladdin Exchange will never stop providing top-notch service to its traders. It makes sure to constantly improve its platform features, security measures, and state-of-the-art technology to offer seamless transactions. Optimum user experience is one of its top priorities.

As a long line of crypto events are coming up in 2022, Aladdin traders are in for a treat. To make sure users never miss out on upcoming offers and deals, they can visit our website, send a message on 24/7 Telegram Community, and follow our social media accounts: Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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