14 end user domain name sales up to $50,000

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Opera, maker of the namesake web browser, is among this week’s end user domain buyers.

Sedo had some nice end user domain name sales this past week, led by Hina.com for $50,000 and SimplexTrading.com for $28,000.

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. You can view previous lists like this here.

Hina.com $50,000 – Hina is a video interview technology service that uses artificial intelligence. It forwards this domain to HinaPower.cn.

SimplexTrading.com $28,000 – Simplex creates software for traders. It forwards this domain to SimplexInvestments.com.

ApexNews.com $18,000 – Opera, a Norwegian software company that makes the Opera browser and offers other services, such as Opera News, bought this domain name.

Scout.vc €15,000 – Scout Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm.

Flashstream.com $10,000 – Livesport Media SRO, an eSports company in the Czech Republic, bought this domain.

Diedrich.de €5,000 – Diedrich is a hotel in Sauerland, Germany. It forwards this domain to its site at hotel-diedrich.de.

GoStudent.nl €5,500 – This domain forwards to Bijlesnetwerk.nl, a Dutch tutoring network. Bijles netwerk is Dutch for tutoring network.

Marrones.com $4,000 – Marrones is an industrial waste management company.

SquareBrain.com $3,000 – Telaeris, an access control company, bought this domain. I’m not sure what it will use this domain for, but it’s a great brandable domain.

QuadroShop.com €2,900 – Quadro, a German playground set and equipment manufacturer/retailer, forwards this domain to Quadroshop.de.

Innovation.team $2,799 & LeonhardWeiss.com $2,899 – The German construction company Leonhard Weiss bought these domains and forwards them to leonhard-weiss.com.

TheBobblehead.com $2,778 – Warren Royal’s bobblehead company Royal Bobbles bought this domain.

PortugalReisen.de €2,480 – This is a German travel site for Portuguese trips and vacations.

SuboxoneNearMe.com $2,475 – Recovery Connection Centers of America bought this domain. It bought it to attract people interested in using Suboxone to treat opioid addiction.

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