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Will The Sandbox Emerge As The Ultimate Project In The Metaverse? Will This Sale Take SAND to $10?


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The cryptoverse never fails to garner the interests of savvies and geeks in the industry. With a wide array of protocols on offer, while some belong to the mainstream asset class, others to the diverse sectors.

Successively, folks from the crypto town are now more inclined towards the diverse sectors such as DeFis, NFTs, metaverse, gaming, and DAO.

In succession, projects revolving around NFTs and metaverse have grown at an astounding rate, and are continuing the feats.

The Sandbox alongside fellow rivals in the metaverse space has been raging ahead with a number of initiatives. And the virtual land sale is what has caught sight of geeks and investors owing to the virtues on offer.

Are Virtual Lands Displace The Future Of Real Estate?

  Crypto geeks are keen on investments in virtual lands, owing to the future prospects of space. The influx of bigger brands, influencers, and celebrities has fueled the curiosity over virtual lands. And the possibilities that the land parcels hold have been acting as a catalyst in soaring high prices of the digital land parcels.

The Sandbox is hosting a Web 3.0 land sale that starts from the 10th of February 2022, at 1:00 pm UTC. The sale will hold over 550 lands that include 395 total lands, 164 premium lands, in 8 estate auctions. The event will be home to premium NFTs, a number of partners who will enter the metaverse. 

In addition, EverdreamSoft a Switzerland-based crypto games developer. Has made announcements of the launch of its sale of premium virtual land. Which will be through the Sandbox’s platform. The public sale will commence on the 10th of February 2022. The sale holds a plot of size 6×6 around the EverdreamSoft Estate. Where users will be receiving an NFT after the purchase.

As learned from the source, the Sandbox community will be able to buy a digital parcel of land. Which gives the buyers access to exclusive NFTs by EverdreamSoft, and neighbors of the Sandbox. Namely, Blackpool, Apes of Space, eToro, and Mad Mecha. The 5 NFTs will be bundled with the Premium Lands.

Summing up, The Sandbox has been emerging as another destination apart from its rival Decentraland. The aforementioned land sale held by the firm and EverdreamSoft opens up opportunities for the seekers.

With the future being in the hands of the virtual world and reality, investors are not leaving any stones unturned. That would eventually propel the price of the asset to greater highs.


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