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Will Meme Coins Take Incharge Of The Crypto Industry’s Surge To A $10 Trillion Market Cap?


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The long-standing wish of crypto folks remains stranded in crypto winter, as mainstream digital coins dwindle on charts. While older hands and novices are trying to be patient, they yearn for a bull run is the need of the hour. Since mainstream coins are prone to regulatory norms, eyes are now over meme coins, alongside NFTs, metaverse, and gaming projects.

Traders from the industry recall the bull runs of top-tier meme coins Dogecoin, Shiba Inu which set the charts ablaze. That did influence fellow meme coins, and mainstream assets followed suit. The recent run of Shiba Inu in October was a spectacular one that managed to instill faith over meme coins. In the interim, the industry is now home to a host of meme coins that have been striving to climb the summit.

The Meme Coins That Are Here To Stay?

  In a plethora of meme coins, canine-based coins have been leaving lasting paw prints in the crypto town. Which have paved the way for newer and emerging coins to follow traits. The following meme coins have been garnering the interests of savvies in the fraternity. And are now no longer the ones in mist.

Dogecoin (DOGE):

  The leader of the pack of meme coins Dogecoin has been holding its throne despite the impeccable efforts of Doge killer Shiba Inu. DOGE is currently trading at $0.1515 with gains of 0.7%. The price of DOGE is still up by 1381.2% YTD, despite being 81% below its ATH. The price of the meme coin has been going through the routine buying and selling pressures. 

Successively, nothing notable has come along its path that could enrage the bulls. We can expect the price retracing some time in near future. As the makers had previously cited the transition from PoW to POS. The foundation had also revealed them working with Vitalik Buterin, to develop a unique community staking proposal based on PoS.

Shiba Inu (SHIB):

  The Doge-killer’s price is yet to receive the virtues from the host of adoptions and collaborations. SHIB price at press time is trading at $0.00002838 with gains of marginal 0.2%. While the price is about 67.1% below the ATH. The YTD returns stand tall at 21133425.8%.

Shiba Inu has been prancing in terms of utility, the acceptance by AMC theatres.

Alongside, Burn initiatives by Bigger Entertainment, and other initiatives have reinforced the strength of the community. The developmental moves such as DOGGY DAO, Shibarium, amongst others have been assisting SHIB in eradicating its meme coin tag. The protocols DEX making its presence count could take the price to $3. Moreover the longstanding listing on Robinhood could bring virtues to the digital asset.

Dogelon Mars (ELON):

  Dogelon Mars at press time is trading at $0.00000127 with marginal gains of 0.5%. The meme coin has surfaced amongst prominent meme coins in a short period of time. The price of ELON is up 7096.1% since its all-time-low while being negative by 51.3% since the ATH. 

One of the recent accomplishments of the meme coin is it surpassing the 125,000 holders count. Moreover, towards the end of previous year, we have seen deposits and withdrawals of ELON via Cronos network being enabled on the app. Dogelon Mars is yet to receive exposure in terms of listing by major exchanges, with which it could pounce higher.

Baby DogeCoin (BABYDOGE):

  Baby DogeCoin has been scripting descent numbers on the charts. The current price of the meme coin is $0.000000003510 with gains of 15.5%. While the ATH falls short by 39.8%, the meme coin is up 3639.2% since its all-time-low. Savvies are optimistic of the price reaching the target of $0.00000006 by the end of 2022. Owing to the developmental works and growing prominence.

Baby DogeCoin has been setting trends on public platforms off-late, a recent viral video clip portrays Baby DogeCoin on Binance. Which has enraged the hopes of a possible listing on Binance. On the contrary, the protocol has auto and manual burns, auto reflections, and the majority of initial LP tokens are locked, while some burned. Which collectively can persuade the bulls.

Floki Inu (FLOKI):

  FLOKI has been moving far from its inception as a meme coin, as the project is growing towards utility. The team has recently announced its transition to DAO, which will enhance decentralization, attracting listings on exchanges. The price is yet to catch wind of the developments, as it is currently trading at $0.00007178, which is up 85174.8% since ATL.

The ecosystem is home to VALHALLA, which is a P2E NFT metaverse game, FLOKIPLACES an NFT and merchandise store, and FLOKI UNIVERSE which is an education platform for novices in the fraternity.

Saitama Inu (SAITAMA):  

 Saitama Inu aims to educate youths from generation “Z”, how money works while they invest. Therefore opening the doors for the creation of wealth. The makers will also be hosting SaitaMask, a wallet that aims to revolutionize crypto finance. The wallet has taken public platforms by storm. Other initiatives include SaitaMask, and SaitaMaker.

The buzz revolving around the wallet has been showing signs with the price of the meme coin. SAITAMA at press time is trading at $0.000000054860, scripting gains of 12.5%. The price of the meme coin is down by 67.9% since its ATH. However, the price is up 210477.4% since its ATL.

Collectively, traders from the crypto town have now pinned hopes on meme coins, NFTs, metaverse, and gaming for a bull run. As mainstream cryptos have been stuck in a rut, with meme coins sprawling in utility, the digital assets could possibly raise bars in the fast-approaching future. Moreover, the aforementioned assets could possibly invite the bulls for a run to the alt season. 


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