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Web3 Delhi Meet & Chill | WazirX + QuestBook


“Gandalf, my old friend, this will be a night to remember.” 🌙

The perfect dinner date for Web3 enthusiasts happened on 07 March 2022 in Delhi. Energy, passion, and knowledge sharing made the event power-packed! 

But, how did this start?

A simple tweet from Sourav (who is a part of QuestBook) made all the difference. This tweet gained traction within a few hours with 60k+  impressions and over hundreds of replies.

The overwhelming response was a clear sign. Team QuestBook took the plunge, started working on the logistics, and reached out to noted faces in the community to make sure the event was one to remember. While this was happening at its pace, Rishabh from WazirX joined hands with QuestBook, and thus the WazirX + QuestBook Web3 Meet & Chill party came to fruition.

The Planning

We received over a hundred registrations. While the initial plan was to cap the registration at 50, the forces around us had different plans. We had such a fantastic response that we had to change the venue twice on the D-day to accommodate all who had made time to meet their co-enthusiasts. 

Thanks to Mr. Suveet Kalra, owner of the Ardor 2.1 cafe in Connaught Place (who was a part of the meet himself), we found the perfect space to meet, chill, and network! The ambiance at the Ardor rooftop added on to create the perfect vibes.  

Guest List

Hundreds of Web3 enthusiasts joined us that night. It was all about young enthusiasts, developers, and entrepreneurs. What caught our attention was the down-to-earth and humble nature of various eminent personalities who joined us there. To name a few, we had with us:

  • Mr. Ayush Ranjan, Co-founder CEO of Huddle01: He has successfully created a “Zoom for Web3”, a phenomenal decentralized video conferencing platform based on blockchain infrastructure. 
  • Miss. Anusha Soni, Deputy News Editor at CNN-News18
  • Mr. Aman Sanduja, founder of Moving: Moving, is a short news platform designed to keep you updated about crypto, NFTs, Metaverse, and DAOs on a real-time basis.
  • Mr. Vikas Singh, founder of Bliv.Club and Bloquelabs: He aims to build the “Operating System” for the next billion internet-native-gig workers. 
  • Ujjwal Gupta: Definitely, age is just a number. Ujjwal is just 17-years-old but is already an active member of the Superteam DAO and is also building his own “Bounty Bot”.
  • Ishan Pandey: He propelled himself into the web3 space in just two months. He bagged roles at SuperUMAn DAO and is working with the UMAProtocol, along with co-founding FandomDAO, and is also actively contributing to QuestBook Grants.

This was definitely a successful event and has also opened doors for many more enthusiasts to initiate such meetups. Delhi is rising towards the Web3 Space in India, and we absolutely love it! Who is going to be next?

We are looking forward to hosting many more such meets all around India. Hoping to meet you – in your city soon!

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