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TRON TRC20 exchange SunSwap rolls out V2 upgrade


SunSwap, a decentralized application on TRON for exchanges between TRC20 tokens, recently announced it has officially rolled out an upgrade with the brand-new SunSwap V2.

There have been a series of improvements implemented based on the swap and liquidity mechanism, with V2 featuring the following modifications:

  1. Users do not need TRX as an intermediary to swap TRC20 tokens;
  2. Now users can directly add liquidity to trading pairs of any two TRC20 tokens;
  3. V2 includes a new swap routing protocol that can automatically recommend the optimal swap path;
  4. A new liquidity migration feature has been added, allowing users to migrate liquidity from SunSwap V1 and V1.5 to SunSwap V2 in a quick way;
  5. The user interfaces and interactions for swap, liquidity pools, the explorer, and other modules have also been improved.

“Committed to building long-term value, SunSwap has made significant progress in improving its functionalities, user experience, and security. We are confident that as V2 goes live, it will surely deliver a better user experience.”
– The SunSwap Team

Around two months ago, the SunSwap team acquired JustSwap and officially renamed it SunSwap, along with launching the exchange on the domain All trading fees collected on SunSwap go directly to liquidity providers of the protocol, rather than the protocol itself.

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