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People are auctioning domains on Clubhouse. Here’s how to get in on it

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Hal Yaffe has organized two auctions on Clubhouse that have totaled nearly $40,000 in sales.

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It started small and organically. Domain name investor Hal Yaffe opened a room Tuesday on Clubhouse to auction domain names. People started showing up. Before you knew it, they were throwing their names up for auction. Bidders were buying. Over the next eight hours, over 600 people came to the room and over $20,000 of domains were auctioned off.

Not bad for a first run. Not bad at all.

It happened again last night. Yaffe, with the help of Bruce Breger, held another eight-hour auction with a similar audience. Around $40,000 in sales went under the hammer between the two auctions.

Yaffe, who goes by the moniker HalYes, is taking his learnings from the first two auctions and working on tweaks for future auctions.

For now, a domain is presented to the room with a starting bid. If someone agrees to the starting bid, then the seller is allowed to come on stage to pitch the domain. Then the bidding continues.

Both new and veteran domain name investors have bought and sold domains in the auctions so far. It seems like a fantastic way for newer domain investors to see if they’re on the right track. If they put one of their domains up for auction for a couple of hundred dollars and nobody bites, that’s a great valuation check. If it sells, it’s validation that they’re on to something.

The goal is to hold auctions on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday each week. With the Super Bowl this Sunday, the next auction will be Tuesday at 4 PM CST. Sellers can add their domains to the auction by emailing [email protected].

It’s a fun idea and worth checking out.

By the way, if you’re on Clubhouse this afternoon, come join me, Adam Strong and Shane Cultra at 2:30 PST / 5:30 EST as we talk about 10+ tools we use for domain investing.

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