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It looks like Apple is preparing a major upgrade for its datacenters


Apple appears to be preparing to upgrade its datacenters with “next-generation” storage and server equipment according to a new job posting spotted online.

As reported by The Register, the iPhone maker has posted a recruitment ad with the aim of hiring an “upbeat and hard-working hardware validation engineer” that will be tasked with developing, implementing and completing hardware validation plans for its next generation hyperscale and storage server platforms.

While Apple is using its own M1 silicon chips for its MacBooks and its A15 Bionic chip for the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Pro, the company's job posting explains that the engineer will need to have “validated proficiency in testing Intel and/or AMD based server and storage hardware systems”. 

Although there is a lot of buzz around Arm servers at the moment, x86-based chips accounted for 90 percent of server revenue during the second half of 2021 according to IDC.

Datacenter upgrades

Apple isn't the only tech giant preparing to upgrade its data centers in the near future as Facebook's parent company Meta is also deploying new servers in its datacenters that are based on AMD chips.

At the same time, some cloud computing providers are currently upgrading their infrastructure to support both cloud gaming and 5G applications. However, Amazon and Google have both said that they plan to wait a year to upgrade some of their backend equipment in an effort to save cash.

By upgrading its datacenter hardware, Apple will be able to bolster iCloud and its other cloud services. The move could also be aimed at improving its network to support the long rumored but still unannounced Apple Car.

Will have to wait and see as to what comes out of these server and storage upgrades but if your an Austin-based engineer looking for work, you can check out Apple's job posting here.

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