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How to use Microsoft Clarity to improve your website

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Clarity provides free heatmaps and session recordings to improve your website.

Screenshot of a Microsoft Clarity click map

A click map from Microsoft Clarity. While tools like Clarity have been around for a while, Microsoft’s tool is free.

When I created my first website in 1997, it was incredibly difficult just to provision a hosting account and connect a domain name to it. When I created my first e-commerce site in 2001, shopping cart solutions cost thousands of dollars or required coding skills to put to use. An analytics tool that you can get for free today cost hundreds of dollars a month.

We’ve come a long way in the past two decades. Now the average jane or joe and create an e-commerce store in a couple of hours for under $100.

Another tool that used to cost a lot of money and is now free is session tracking and heat maps. I recently installed Microsoft Clarity on my site to look for user experience breakdowns. Microsoft launched the free tool in general availability in October last year.

Clarity creates heatmaps and click maps for your site and records user sessions. This can help you find places on your website where people expect something to be a link, but it isn’t. It can also help you find navigation issues. paid members create an online profile using a fairly long form. Clarity allows me to watch user sessions as people complete this form to find issues with it. Watching user sessions has helped me develop tweaks to make the process smoother.

I became aware of Clarity after Squadhelp added the option of using Clarity on white label domain stores.

No matter what type of site you operate, it’s amazing to now have free tools like this.

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