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Get your content out into the world with CDN


If you're looking to take your business to the next level, making sure your content is visible and accessible is absolutely paramount, but ensuring this requires a fair amount of reliance on a range of technologies.

Chief among these is CDN, or content delivery networks, which make sure your content is found, accessed and displayed to customers and end-users as fast as possible.

The technology looks to reduce both geographical distance between the request and the content and the time between when a request for a web page is submitted and when it fully renders on the web browser. 

For example, if someone from the US wants to access a web page from a web server in Australia, the request for the content and the data will have to cross the Pacific Ocean, which will result in a noticeable delay. CDNs are able to reduce this delay by storing a version of the Australian website in a server in the US, and serving this version to the visitor much faster.

So what makes a good CDN? We've tested a lot of different providers, and using G-Core CDN has to be one of the most positive experiences we've seen when it comes to these services.

G-Core CDN

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Based in Luxembourg, G-Core Labs boasts more than 150 points of presence in over 130 cities across five continents, meaning it can offer an incredibly wide reach. Along with this, the company offers a sub-25 millisecond response time across the world, and lower than 3-5 milliseconds in some markets, and with over 7,000 peer-to-peer partners and connections with all major telecom operators, your users can be guaranteed a fast and reliable connection.

CDN isn't just for big businesses, however, and can provide a wide range of advantages for start-ups or smaller businesses looking to grow. 

Utilising a CDN reduces IT infrastructure costs, since your business no longer needs to acquire servers across the globe, and also give website owners the ability to easily scale up or down as per their traffic requirements.

CDNs typically cost a fraction of the amount and are also easier to deploy and manage than a fleet of worldwide servers, with G-Core Labs offering competitive prices against many of its rivals, with a free plan also available.

Sporting a user-friendly interface, G-Core CDN is integrated with WordPress, meaning all your latest updates will fly out of the blocks, and the company also offers real-time analytics so that you can spot any upcoming trends or issues.

If anything does emerge, the company offers 24/7 technical support via phone, email or online chat across four languages, so you're never left high and dry. The platform also offers a wealth of security tools, from DDoS protection, malware safety provisions, and a 100% uptime guarantee.

So if you want to make sure all your content reaches the people you want it to, then G-Core CDN could be the ideal partner for your business. To find out more, you can visit the company's website here


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