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DirtyPigs, an NFT Marketplace With Unique Offerings for Its Users


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  • DirtyPigs is the first NFT project to allow minters to choose the NFTs they plan to mint.
  • It allows minting using fiat currencies, debit and credit cards.
  • DirtyPigs has a combined following of more than 15M people.

NFTs are soaring as one of the most exciting utilities born out of blockchain technology. However, most of the current NFT projects available offer ambiguous services with limited freedom for the users. DirtyPigs is revolutionizing the NFT industry by developing a fair, transparent, and multi-utility NFT for businesses, brands, influencers, and projects.

DirtyPigs have created several innovative features that make it stand out as a marketplace. It is the first NFT project to permit NFT minters to choose which NFT they plan to mint. This allows people the luxury of viewing their art and traits before starting the minting to control which art becomes theirs rather than a process of random selection.

Introducing DirtyPigs NFT Marketplace

DirtyPigs is also the first NFT project that lets users select which chain they desire to mint on and permit them to swap chain, burn and follow up with market trends to reduce gas fees.

In addition, DirtyPigs permits minting using fiat currencies and conventional credit + debit cards to provide a more familiar, natural experience. The platform uses a turnkey solution and allows projects and communities to purchase NFTs with the conventional credit and debit card and just through crypto.

Moreover, DirtyPigs is the first NFT apparel brand to introduce its product line to the general public through online retailers such as Google, FRUUGO, CDON, Zalando, and others. It has successfully merged web3 and real-life with High-Street, NFT + Apparel Stores, currently building on Amsterdam’s Main Street and in The SandBox Metaverse.

A Client-Focused Platform

The whole DirtyPigs ecosystem, including the tech +backend A.I., and the operating system, was created with one goal in mind: to meet and complete the needs of its clients with its unique offerings. The platform writes its own code, designs its own NFTs, maintains its servers, creates its software, and serves its customers directly.

Working with over 20 cryptocurrency blockchains, the DirtyPigs custom-created A.I. controls all incoming payments, orders, communication, automated rules and delivers client’s purchases and airdropped $PIG to users’ wallets. All of the platform’s activities are transparently auditable and observable through its smart contracts on its respective blockchains. 

Reward System for DirtyPig Members

DirtyPigs is currently working on projects with some of the most well-known artists. HODLers will receive free special edition NFTs issued from these works regularly. Also, money earned from secondary sales royalties will go directly to a charity selected by the community before the launch.

Exclusive Community

DirtyPigs’ collectible owners have privileged access to numerous programs that bring their Avatars to life, as well as exclusive access to a membership-only community. Owners will be able to take their Avatar identities beyond the digital domain and into various locations and programs, including print-on-demand apparel and accessories, games, digital 3D models, and much more.

Your NFT can be right there with you in the real world, in a variety of different ways. The DirtyPigs team comprises six well-known influencers with a combined following of over 15 million people that promote brand awareness.


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