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Darenft’s Dareplay To Host Their 2nd INO With The Free-To-Play War Strategy Game Real Realm



DareNFT, a universal protocol for a new class of NFTs who successfully closed its $2.4M-worth strategic and private sale round from up to 50 venture capitalists (VCs) and investors, has already launched its first bootstrap product DarePlay, the one-stop GameFi platform for traditional & blockchain games, since November 10th. DarePlay is on the way to becoming a prominent Gamefi hub for both non-NFT and NFT games and today they have taken a step further with the strategic partnership with Real Realm Game.

DareNFT team is excited to announce that Real Realm is the 2nd NFT gaming project that will launch its INO (Initial NFT Offering) on DarePlay. For the record, INO is an activity where NFT games sell their in-game NFT items to the public (primary sales). INO is often used by pre-launched games for the purpose of acquiring people who are interested in being game players of the games. Real Realm will do their INO on DarePlay after they do their public sale (IDO & IEO) on well-known launchpads and exchange such as BSCStation, KAIStarter, and

For your information, Real Realm is a free-to-play blockchain-based war strategy game in which users may recruit, lend, summon, evolve, team up, and most importantly co-op their great NFT heroes- the Mies- into the never-ending conflicts. Each Mie has its own set of features, elements, predetermined missions, and storylines.

Real Realm has successfully raised $1.2M in their private sale round in only 2 weeks from many VCs & investors who also invested in DareNFT such as BSCStation, AU21 Capital, Kardia Ventures, etc. They will also release the beta version of the game in Dec 2021 for players to try out.

Besides Real Realm game, DarePlay will host a wide range of NFT games, offering ready-made in-game NFT marketplaces to facilitate the development of in-game tokenomics. DarePlay will provide not just INO service but also IGO service, NFT-As-a-Service, and rent-to-earn feature for NFT games.

The first INO event on DarePlay with Planet Sandbox game was a huge success with a large number of participants (433 buyers), registrations for INO events (9k5 registrations), and at last, 1,500 boxes (300 BNB of INO Revenue) sold out in the blink. In the INO period, 37% of $DNFT circulating supply was locked – held tightly to join the first INO. The INO also helped the number of $DNFT holders to reach the new all time high – 8K1 Holders back in the time. DareNFT also has 4 buyers who have stocked up more than 25 boxes in the first INO. We’re expecting the upcoming INO event on DarePlay will follow suit or even create new records, making a splash in the market.

DareNFT & DarePlay is proud to accompany Real Realm by hosting an INO event and indirectly marketing this interesting game to gamers in our network. Joining the Real Realm INO event on DarePlay, $DNFT holders, $REAL holders will have a chance to buy Real Realm’s in-game NFT items early, gaining profit or using the items in the game later on. There will be 9 types of Mies that will be opened from 1,000 boxes sold in Real Realm INO including Crus, Rufinus, Ceteris, Zeperlinder, Gomeziger, Augur, Philippus, Koppler, and Paribus. Mies are used in the Battle Modes of Real Realm game. The game offers various forms of battles to fit with all types of users, whether they are seeking for a Free-to-play, Play-to-feel, or a Hardcore game.


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