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21 end user domain sales we missed last month

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These domains were sold at Sedo last month.

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Each week I investigate Sedo’s sales to find end users who bought domain names. The domain transactions are just completed when I research them, so oftentimes, the domain is still in escrow or the buyer hasn’t developed the domain yet. This means I miss a lot of the end user purchases.

For this post, I went back to September’s Sedo lists to find domains that were subsequently developed or forwarded. You’ll see a good variety of top level domains and a bunch of blockchain-based buyers.

Here are some additional end user sales that I haven’t published before: €59,500 – This domain forwards to, the site for Green Peace Planet Energy. It sells green energy. $20,000 – Coin News is a cryptocurrency news site. $14,500 – Artificial intelligence company Redwood Research bought this domain and forwards it to $20,000 – The website is still being developed, but it hints that it’s some sort of work solution. The tagline is “work connected.” $10,000 – The Lookout is a hotel in East Sussex, England. $5,110 – Joltify is an acquisition company that specializes in Amazon FBA businesses. $5,000 – Tugba is a clothing brand. $5,000 – This domain forwards to Stacks Brokerage, which offers marine insurance. $4,999 – This is a crypto trading site. €3,800 – SEO’D is a search engine optimization company. £3,500 – DealKings sells a variety of discounted products. €3,500 – FoodToday is some sort of service provider to the restaurant industry. €3,250 – The site is still under development but it says it will provide high performance film. €2,900 – Le Collectif is a support program for artists from rap music (hip hop, r’n’b, slam, dancehall…) founded by the Variety Studio and YouTube, in partnership with Virgin Records. It forwards this domain to the matching .fr domain. €2,800 – Hot Wok is an outdoor wok system for cooking. I think this domain was a good value. €2,500 – Investment firm Ufenau Capital Partners bought this initialism and forwards it to €2,300 and €2,500 – I assume the same company, doit VR, bought both domains. forwards to, a VR tool for car photography. €2,750 – MyVet is a German pet care company.

RobloxCode .com $2,500 – Roblox Code provides promo codes for Roblox. $2,500 – This stands for “4 Crypto Day” and is a site about cryptocurrency. €2,000 – This domain is German for building permits. The site helps people get building permits in Berlin.

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