Why GGRG Founder Giuseppe Graziano Decided to Turn the Tables on
DNJournal’s Ron Jackson

Why GGRG Founder Giuseppe Graziano Decided to Turn the Tables on DNJournal’s Ron Jackson

Now, Giuseppe
is expanding his publishing
activity with the launch today of a new
series of interviews
aimed at
giving industry newcomers and
veterans alike more insight into the
domain business and how others have
made a living in it.

was honored to be asked to be the
subject of Giuseppe’s first
in that series,
published earlier today. He told me
the invitation came because he had
been a long time fan of DNJournal.com,
especially the many biographical Cover
we’ve done over the
years. Graziano went on to say he
thought being able to read our
stories about Domain Holdings
Co-Founders John
and Chad
interviewing with the company helped
him land the job there (he was also
a big fan of a 2017 Cover Story
about Domain Holdings Senior VP Alan
with whom he also
worked before starting GGRG).

my part, having Giuseppe put me on
the opposite side of the interview
table felt a little odd, but it was
fun re-tracing the journey from
radio DJ, to TV reporter to record
store owner to the domain business
and DNJournal.com. It also brought
home how incredibly fast so
many decades have flown by. As I
told Giuseppe, the positive thing
about that was gaining an even
greater appreciation for the
precious time every new day
gives us. At this very moment almost
all of us around the world are being
threatened by a deadly virus
that could bring any of our stories
to an immediate end. Tomorrow
is promised to no one – so do
everything you can to make the
most of today
(but for the time
being at least, make sure you are
doing that at home)!

photo from Giuseppe Graziano’s interview
article with Ron Jackson 
(who is disrupting a 1980 publicity
photo shoot at the ABC-TV station
in Sarasota, Florida).

can read Giuseppe Graziano’s article

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