The Weekend Was Nirvana for Domain Investors With Meetups On Both Sides
of the Globe and an Industry Pioneer Online

The Weekend Was Nirvana for Domain Investors With Meetups On Both Sides of the Globe and an Industry Pioneer Online


of notable domain industry
on opposite sides of the world were
completed over the weekend. In one, T.R.A.F.F.I.C.
Co-Founder Rick
returned to the
meetup game five years after
T.R.A.F.F.I.C. wrapped up its
historic decade-long run in 2014.
Rick’s new event, the 1st annual Asheville
Profesional Domain Investor’s Meetup
held at the Omni Grove Park Inn
in scenic Asheville, North
, was a much different
kind of gathering than 

It was more intimate by design so
the 80 guests who flew in from
around the world could spend more
face-to-face quality time with other
industry pros. 

of the usual highly structured
conference agenda it followed a more
free form pattern that let people do
business and socialize at the
same time
in a variety of laid
back settings around Asheville, a
city that has become one of
America’s hottest vacation
destinations. I regrettably was
unable to attend this first event
myself but enjoyed seeing Morgan
Linton’s series of videos

that provided some great insight
into how things went. Alvin Brown
from was also
there and he posted a nice review
of the meeting
TheDomains Founder Michael
(who, like Schwartz, has
a summer home in Asheville) played a
major role in helping fellow
industry legend Schwartz pull the
meeting together.  All of the
photos and comments I saw posted by
others on Facebook, Instagram,
blogs, etc. also gave the meetup
very good reviews so it looks like
Rick has another winner on
his hands (no surprise there, of

the Asheville meeting was going on,
domain investors from across India
and beyond were in New Delhi
for the 6th annual DomainX
conference at the Eros Hotel.
As it has in the past, DomainX again
garnered good reviews posted by its
attendees on social media outlets.
Speaker Harmandeep Singh from
the Delhi
School of Digital Marketing

(at right in the photo below) posted
several nice shots from the show on

if you missed those meetings
over the weekend you can
still get some invaluable
from one of the
top domain investors of all
time online. In another
excellent edition of
Australia’s Domainer
, Castello
Cities Internet Network
Co-Founder Michael
was interviewed
in an hour-long podcast
you really won’t want to

who was there at the very
start of the domain
investing business in the mid
, covered a
tremendous amount of ground
in his discussion with
Co-hosts Rob Kaay and
Ed Keay-Smith
. In
addition to the inside
stories about his sales of
($3.1 million)
($1.5 million)
, Michael
explained why he picked the
domains he did at a time
when virtually everything
was available. He also
detailed why he believes
domain are more important to
an enterprise’s success now
than they’ve ever been
before. He provides his
unique insight into many
more topics that make this
one of the best programs you
will hear all year, so be
sure to check
it out

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