Seller of at $30 Million Predicts Massive Boom in Domain Values
in the Decade Ahead

Seller of at $30 Million Predicts Massive Boom in Domain Values in the Decade Ahead

If you want to cut to the chase,
you can go straight to the final
half hour
in which Saylor laid
out in detail why he thinks domain
values are headed for a nuclear
level explosion
over the next
10-15 years (for those who prefer
reading to watching video,
DomainSherpa also provides a full
text transcript of the interview).

thinks will be worth
hundreds of millions
in 10
years but, as the holder of many other
top tier domains, he believed the
$30 million sale now was a good
strategic decision. “I felt
like we needed to put a peg in
the market
to set it,”
Saylor said, “I’m like the
guy that sold the first Picasso
so that people would know that
Picasso is art, but I’ve
got the vault of the other
Picassos. I would rather
commercialize them for 100X the
and this is a wake up
call so people will realize that domains
are insanely valuable
. For
everybody that’s spending the billions
of dollars on
and Facebook advertising
because their domain is weak
– yeah they might want to
repurpose some of that energy to
do it the right way.” 

one of the world’s top domain
brokers and most astute analyzers
of domain value, has never been
one to be swayed by hyperbole, so
what he had to say about the talk
should be enough to make anyone
want to listen. “This is the
most important and valuable
conversation I’ve ever had in my
domain name career,” Rosener
stated matter-of-factly. “I think this interview has the potential to
open a window that has been nailed shut for
, straight into corporate board rooms
worldwide. On the back of Saylor’s
record breaking sale of
and his recent purchase of $500
in Bitcoin to switch
his corporate treasury to the
Bitcoin Standard, Michael is on the radar of every corporate executive in America
as well as every single crypto currency investor on the
planet. It is one thing for us to
espouse the benefits ourselves. It is another thing entirely when the
most spotlighted public CEO in America right now says it in his own
words – and he does not mince words!” 

can see and decide for yourself
with checking out the interview here.

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